The Finer Cookie:
Holy Mole Chocolate Cookie

This cookie will wake up your palate

By Kimberlie Robert

The truth is The Finer Cookie is celebrating its first anniversary this month, so I thought the Holy Mole Chocolate Cookie might be a great way to celebrate. It is a fudgy chocolate cookie with chipotle in adobo sauce and cinnamon—three of the essential ingredients in authentic Mexican mole sauce. The chipotle kicks at the back of the throat, and with every bite, the heat builds. A glass of milk soothes the heat, and prepares you for the next bite. The Holy Mole Chocolate Cookie will wake up your palate and remind you that cookies aren’t just sweetened bites of nuts and chocolate, but are instead interesting, flavorful and delightful treats that can be easily shared and enjoyed.

Click here for the Holy Mole Chocolate Cookie.

Photographed by Kimberlie Robert

kimberlie robert

Kimberlie Robert is currently the Executive Cookie Maker at The Finer Cookie. As of recently, she has worked as an Executive Assistant for five years. Prior to that she was the Coordinating Director/Partner of an Advertising Agency. She has earned an MA in Art History and a BA in English Literature. She is also a writer and researcher, short story editor, pastry chef, tango dancer and gardener.

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