A new direction
for Green Coalition

Environmental group’s range of communication expanded beyond the island of Montreal

May 17, 2022

The Green Coalition Annual General Meeting took place at Westmount Park United Church on May 12, 2022. Reverend Neil Whitehouse kindly helped organize it. President Gareth Richardson chaired the meeting, and MC Louise Legault led the evening’s proceedings. The meeting was a great and notable success. Some people attended in person, while others participated virtually in this hybrid event, partly physical and partly virtual.

Two important new members were elected to the Board of Directors.

Sylvie Clermont, president of Le Regroupement Écocitoyen de Sainte-Marthe-sur- le-Lac, is the first Green Coalition Board Member from the North Shore.

Tommy Montpetit, directeur de la conservation of Ciel et Terre, is the first Green Coalition Board Member from the South Shore.

These two individuals bring their experience and wisdom but also meaningfully extend the Coalition’s range of communication. For the first time, directors are no longer restricted to the Island of Montreal.

Now, with the growing Zoom technology, Green Coalition can better serve its more than 80 member groups and individual members from the Greater Montreal region and beyond. Green Coalition has just made a quantum leap – extending its reach and capacity to influence public opinion and action, and to fulfil its mission: the conservation, protection and restoration of the environment.

Before participating groups presented, the meeting saw a moving tribute to the deceased environmentalist, Don Hobus, who helped so many individuals and organizations in accomplishing their tasks.

Then an impressive array of groups explained their work: Les amis du parc Meadowbrook; Coalition Les terrains de golf en transition; UrbaNature; Regroupement Écocitoyen de Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac; Trainsparence; Save Fairview Forest; L’Association des citoyens de Mont-Saint-Hilaire; Pincourt Vert; Legacy Fund for the Environment; Ralliement contre la pollution radioactive; Sauvons la Falaise; Save the Park/Sauvons le parc; Mobilisation 6600 Parc-Nature MHM; Coalition for Green & Quiet Neighbourhoods; Rosemère Vert.

When the meeting ended, representatives knew that they were part of a new wave of activism for the year to come and for the future.

For more information, contact Patrick Barnard at pbarnard@videotron.ca • 514 463-0573

Feature image: Mina-Marie Michell – Pexels

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  1. Jean Le Marquand

    Quite an impressive list of environmental groups from so many municipalities!
    There is strength in numbers!

  2. Georges R. Dupras

    There is an under-current of environmental energy in Montreal that will not be silenced by corporate objectives or political agenda. It has been a long time in coming and we salute the Green Coalition for everything they are doing.

    Leadership through example is far more effective than leadership through opinion alone.

    Georges R. Dupras,

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