À propos de Westmount Magazine

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Westmount Magazine was created with the goal of showcasing all that the City of Westmount has to offer. It addresses residents of Westmount and surrounding communities, with a focus on urban lifestyle, the arts and cultural scene, home decor and design, real estate and business, fashion, leisure and travel, health and wellness, gastronomy and other topics of interest.

It includes:

•  Articles
Entertaining and informative articles on various lifestyle topics of interest to Westmounters.

Real Estate Listings of Properties
Residential and commercial properties for sale or rent.

Merchants Listings
Check out the list of merchants and specialists grouped by categories to discover new shops and be informed of sales and special promotions.

•  Services Listings
Discover all that Westmount has to offer in the way of services in various categories, including municipal services.

•  Events Listing and Calendar
Stay in tune to various local events including arts and culture, merchant sales and community events.


We hope that Westmounters and visitors alike will come to view WestmountMag.ca as their source for all that Westmount has to offer.

Andrew Burlone

Wayne Larsen

Patricia Dumais
Art Direction & Production

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