Advertising in is a bilingual, ‘New Urban Lifestyle’ online publication accessible from any digital platform, desktop, tablet or phone.

We publish a newsletter with new articles and columns twice weekly. Our editorial line covers community life, arts and culture, show reviews, residential decoration and design, personal finances, education, real estate, family law, gastronomy, leisure, travel, health and wellness, and other topics of interest our readership. also offers a comprehensive online directory of merchants and service providers, as well as a calendar of events listed by category.

Our readers, mostly women between the ages of 35 and 65, are highly engaged and connected adults from the thriving community of Westmount and surrounding areas.

Since its launch mid 2015, has reached over 63,000 visitors with 205,000 page views. Our growing readership, composed mainly of residents of Westmount and surrounding municipalities, is very engaged and consults on average more than two articles during each visit, each lasting between 2 and 5 minutes. Our posts are highly optimized for SEO, with a low bounce rate. offers many turn-key solutions to promote your store, products and services to affluent Westmounters. is the perfect medium to reach affluent consumers from Westmount and surrounding communities. Our team can prepare customized promotion campaigns built according to your goals, showcase your professional Profile in our bilingual Directory of merchants and service providers, promote your brand activities through native advertising in our weekly column ‘Westmount Here and There‘, with display banner ads placed throughout the website or in specific articles or topics.

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  A bilingual online publication accessible from any desktop computer, tablet or smartphone

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Our readers are highly engaged and connected adults
from the thriving communities of Westmount and surrounding areas


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In the past year, reached over 63,000 visitors and 205,000 page views.

Our growing readership, composed mainly of residents of Westmount and surrounding areas, is very engaged. Visitors consult more than two articles during each visit, which lasts on average between 2 and 10 minutes. All our posts are highly optimized for SEO and our bounce rate is low.

With, you can advertise on all pages of the publication or select a specific page or column for promotion. We also offer sponsorship opportunities that allow your brand to be seen across the entire website, as well as social media blast campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest Tumblr and Linkedin.


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Promotionnal tools

Professional or business listing in our exclusive directory of merchants and service providers. Your profile is the showcase for your services and products, in a page that is entirely dedicated to you and which can contain all your articles, videos and photos, as well as catalogs, sales documents, invitations and descriptions of events, seasonal promotions and items for sale. Several plans are available on an annual subscription basis.

is distinguished from traditional advertising units by the position it occupies, integrated into the context of the article or the advertisement in which it is deployed. Native advertising may or may not be linked to a personalized page for analytical and marketing follow-up of the campaign.

on the Featured Articles page (homepage) or on any Advertorial or Article page. You can include a slideshow or video on our homepage slider, or in any Article or Advertorial as native advertisement.

with Sidebox or Banner ads available in different sizes. You can place a banner ad on the pages of your choice or throughout the entire site.

to disseminate detailed and relevant information about your products and services. Branded content takes the form of an original article, or a series of advertising-type articles, providing useful, relevant, entertaining and shareable information in order to attract interest from a potentially audience segment interested in the product or service offered.

with photo slide shows and presentation videos of properties in our exclusive Real Estate section.

to distribute your coupons and advertise your contests, sales and promotional events.

Advertising campaigns via WestmountMag owned social channels. Your promotional campaign will be broadcasted via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest.

Published twice a week, reaches more than 1,300 subscribers with email marketing through the newsletter banner, which is distinguished from traditional advertising units by its visibility and exclusivity.

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Our Team

WestmountMag branding specialists will ensure your promotional campaign reaches its target

We offer several turnkey solutions for your local promotion, and our team can produce customized promotional campaigns for you based on your budget and your specific objectives, in order to optimize your conversion rate and your sales.

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