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August 5, 2015

By Marilynn Vanderstaay

Sunday Concerts in the Park

photo: Les Boppers

Les Boppers

Sunday, August 9 will bring the concert series, but hopefully not the summer, to a close with a performance by Les Boppers. Their billing promises to transport its audience to an ambience experienced by patrons of smoky bars in New York City in the 50s. The original show seeks to honour the jazz age that enjoyed great musicians such as Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Jay Jay Johnson and many others who established the foundations the exciting new music. Les Boppers features musician Benoit Gagné on trombone, Dominic Leveillé on trumpet, André Leroux on saxophone, Jean Cyr on bass, Christian Lajoie on drums and Normand Deveault on piano.

Images: Disques BG

WHA exhibition continues at City Hall

The Westmount Historical Association’s exhibition The Businesses on Sherbrooke Street West in Westmount is a collection of recent photographs of businesses on both the north and south sides of Sherbrooke Street West between Grosvenor and Claremont avenues. The photos were taken by Doreen Lindsay for the walking tour of Sherbrooke Street that focused on Westmount family-owned businesses.

Sherbrooke Street businesses display at City Hall

Sherbrooke Street businesses display at City Hall

“We focused the tour on the family-owned businesses and the need for the community to encourage them by shopping in them,” said Doreen.

The exhibition continues until October 20 and can be viewed Monday to Thursday form 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Image: courtesy of Doreen Lindsay.

New director at Dramatis Personae

Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore

Dramatis Personae, Westmount’s community theatre, will have a new director starting this fall. Christopher Moore, former artistic director of Persephone Productions, will replace seven-year veteran director Jacqueline van de Geer, who has moved on due to conflicting commitments.

This coming season Christopher will direct a collection of short plays by well-known contemporary authors under the title Quick Exits. We are told to expect some murders, a few plot twists and a lot of humour.

Christopher was trained in the John Abbott Theatre Program and has worked as both an actor and a director. In addition, he will direct Persephone Productions’  fall show Compleat Female Stage Beauty by Jeffrey Hatcher. The play tells  the story of Charles II’s historic reform of the law which had prevented women from acting on the stage. This, of course, was a disturbing turn of events for the men who had made their living portraying women.

photo: Dramatis Personae

Dramatis Personae Theatre Group — Top row from left: Roger Joachim, lighting and sound; actor Henry Nesvadba; former Director Jacqueline Van de Geer; actors Peter Cook, Marko Hubert, Ann Elbourne and Malcolm McRae. Bottom row from left: actors Dikla Amar, Irene Grimard, Ellen Rubin and Karen Sauder. Absent: actor Kathy Nedved.

If you have always had a desire to act and be on stage, perhaps now is the right time in your life to make that happen. Dramatis Personae is looking for actors and a stage manager. Theatre experience is preferred but not necessary. More important is a commitment to rehearsals Monday evenings at Victoria Hall to begin and additional evenings as it gets closer to show time. Co-producers Anne Elbourne (514 486-7423) or conros@sympatico.ca and Ellen Rubin (514 484-2016) or ellenrubin123@yahoo.ca are there to help you through the auditions that begin in mid-August.

Image: Dramatis Personae – Michel Degré

Play with Music and Art
at the Westmount Children’s Library

photo of Belfast Andi

Belfast Andi

Children of all ages are invited to join Irish musician Belfast Andi on Thursday, August 13 at 4 p.m. in the Storytelling Garden for an interactive hour of music. For more information and to register contact jeuneskids at 514 989-5229.





marilynn vanderstaay

Long-time Westmount resident Marilynn Vanderstaay has been writing since she could hold a pencil. Marilynn’s writing has been published in national and local magazines including Canadian Living, Readers Digest, Barricades Magazine, and municipal and community newspapers including the Montreal Gazette. Contact Marilynn at marilynn@aroundwestmount.com.

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