Autumn photo Gallery:
by Joe Donohue

A Peculiar Trancendence

By Bonnie Brotman Shore

photo: Joe Donohue: Fall in Montreal 2On his 15th birthday, Joe Donohue was given a camera by his brother, and that launched him on a life-long love affair with photography — something that allowed him to express his deepest emotions. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Concordia University, Joe took his first job as a medical photographer at the Montreal General Hospital, and by 1970, he was following his calling.

Joe and his wife, artist Susan Ross Donohue, took their first trip to Paris in 1979. As soon as they arrived there, Joe felt as though he had somehow come home. This legendary city continues to awaken all of his senses. The heightened taste of the rain, the rush of the wind in his face, the sensuousness of the sounds and colours that are uniquely Paris have stimulated Joe to produce some of his most intriguing and beautiful compositions.

While photographing in Canada, Joe seems hardly aware of the climatic discomforts of the cold and wet. Rather, he is transported by his passion for what he observes through the lens.

photo: Joe Donohue: Landscape Dream

His photos may be in black-and-white or in colour, but they all reflect his great love of the outdoors. His landscapes capture the stark frigidity of the Canadian winter, his cityscapes the fascinating creativity of humanity’s finest architects, and his florals the lush delicacy of Nature’s artistry.

Joe has been especially inspired by the work of Frederick Evans, whose early 20th century photos of cathedrals in the English and French countryside convey a particular sense of place.

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Joe Donohue

Joseph Donohue has captivated viewers with his landscapes, urban panoramas and experimental abstract photography. His work can be seen in many private and public collections, including the Bibliothèque nationale du Québec and the Art Gallery of Ontario. He has exhibited his photographs in Montreal, Toronto and New York. In 2007 Joe had a solo exhibition at Bar Harry’s in Paris and received an award from Applied Arts Photography Illustration Magazine Awards for his photo “Le Vieux Port” in 2008.

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