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Updated March 7, 2023

The Firm

One of North America’s leading full-service investment firms, BMO Nesbitt Burns has been committed to helping its clients meet their investment and wealth management objectives since 1912. As a client of BMO Nesbitt Burns, you will get personalized service and advice drawing upon some of the best minds and expertise in the industry. In addition to our breadth and depth of expertise, you’ll also get the peace of mind of knowing your assets are held with BMO Bank of Montreal, a major Canadian Chartered Bank.

Nesbitt Burns Wealth Management

Our Services

At The RS Group, we provide individually tailored portfolio and wealth management solutions for clients. While discretionary portfolio management is at the core of what we do, we strongly believe in proper planning. From projections of retirement cash flows and strategies to minimize taxes to more complex solutions involving the creation of personal holding companies and trusts, we make sure each client has the tools needed for financial success.

Our Philosophy

We believe that trust is the cornerstone of any successful partnership. We earn our clients’ trust by placing their interests above all else and by dealing fairly, honestly and with integrity. Our overall strategy emphasizes the preservation of capital, diversification, minimization of taxes and keeping portfolio expenses reasonable.

We earn our clients’ trust by placing their interests above all else and by dealing fairly, honestly and with integrity.

The RS Group takes a long-term conservative approach to investing. We are not traders or market timers; we buy solid, high-quality businesses at reasonable prices with the intention of holding them for a long time. We tend to favour leading companies with a history of growth and increasing dividends. Our investment style may be best characterized as GARP (Growth at a Reasonable Price).

Taxes are an important consideration; we are aware that after-tax returns are what really matter. We understand the benefits of long-term tax-deferred compounding, hence we are never in a rush to sell good long-term investments in order to chase short-term performance. We know that portfolio expenses matter: keeping investment management costs reasonable helps clients achieve better long-term results. It is one of the reasons we think investors should avoid mutual funds and other high-fee packaged products offered by many investment advisers and financial institutions.

The Team

Al Rizk - Nesbitt Burns Wealth ManagementAl Rizk
Portfolio Manager
Tel.: 514-286-7242 | al.rizk@nbpcd.com

After earning a business degree from Concordia University in 1990, Al entered the financial services industry. He has been with BMO NB for over 20 years. He is married with two children, and enjoys golf, fishing, and skiing.


Mark Stairs - Nesbitt Burns Wealth ManagementMark A. Stairs, B.Eng., CFA
Senior Portfolio Manager
Tel.: 514-286-7334 | mark.stairs@nbpcd.com

Following the completion of a mechanical engineering degree Mark entered the financial services industry in 1993, finally joining Nesbitt Burns in 1997.
Mark is an avid tennis player and enjoys working on his farm where he grows pine trees.


Liam A. Gilliland Investment Associate - Nesbitt Burns Wealth Management

Liam A. Gilliland
Investment Associate
Tel.: 514-282-5977 | liam.gilliland@nbpcd.com

Liam completed his undergraduate degree in Finance at Concordia University and is a CFA Level II candidate. He has been with BMO Nesbitt Burns since 2020.
Liam enjoys motorsports and spending time outdoors at the family cottage.


William Aziz - Nesbitt Burns Wealth Management

William Aziz
Administration Associate
Tel:.514-286-3590 | william.aziz@nbpcd.com

William completed a bachelor’s degree majoring in Finance at Concordia University. He has worked at BMO Nesbitt Burns since May 2018.
William loves spending time outside playing sports with his friends and family.

Branch location

BMO Nesbitt Burns
3200 – 1501 McGill College Ave.
Montreal, Quebec, H3C 4T6
514 282-5810

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