The Princess of Fado
is back in Montreal

Traquen’Art and Théâtre Outremont present Caminho and her latest opus Portuguesa

Octobre 12, 2023

The iconic voice of Carminho will resonate across North America in October. This musical journey, which has already captivated the Montreal audience in 2015 and 2019, will soon reach its peak with three unforgettable performances in Canada. As part of her North American tour, renowned Portuguese fado singer Carminho will enchant the audience in Vancouver on October 15, then illuminate Montreal, on October 18, and finally mesmerize Toronto on October 21.

Accompanied by four guitarists, Carminho will delight her audience with her new album, Portuguesa.

These evenings will provide an enchanting immersion into the world of Portuguese fado, celebrating the emotional richness of its music. Accompanied by four guitarists, Carminho will delight her audience with her new album, Portuguesa, a magnificent opus nominated for a Latin Grammy. Admired by fans at home and abroad, the 39-year-old diva is a Portuguese icon of international renown and one of the purest and most passionate voices in the vibrant and melancholy genre that is fado.


Carminho will perform her sixth album Portuguesa (Warner Music, Portugal), released in March 2023 on digital platforms, whose CD has been distributed in North America by Nonesuch Records since August.

Traquen'Art et le Théâtre Outremont présentent Carminho, le 18 octobre, au Théâtre Outremont

The artist took on the production and assimilated everything she has learned from her fado roots since childhood, respecting the words and traditional language of this musical form, while casting a free and contemporary look upon the world that inspires her.

‘THE cultural event of the autumn for the Portuguese community and lovers of Iberian culture.’

Skillfully blending tradition and modernity, the album Portuguesa is praised by both fans and critics for its faithfulness to the fado tradition and its subtle incorporation of contemporary elements. Carminho is an unparalleled artist in this work, showcasing her exceptional voice, undeniable talent, inspired compositions, and unmatched artistic perseverance.

An exceptional year

The year 2023 marks a remarkable chapter in Carminho’s artistic journey. It was an exhilarating year, where her remarkable talent, songwriting skills, and unwavering artistic commitment were spotlighted. A significant moment was her performance of the original composition Estrela for Pope Francis during the World Youth Days in Lisbon. This captivating moment touched the hearts of over 1.5 million attendees and reached an audience of over 600 million worldwide.

Just a month later, Carminho made a special and memorable appearance in Yorgos Lanthimos‘ film Poor Things, with an emotional rendition of the song O Quarto, where she played the Portuguese guitar during an intense scene with Emma Stone. This film earned the prestigious Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

Traquen'Art et le Théâtre Outremont présentent Carminho, le 18 octobre, au Théâtre Outremont

Additionally, Carminho was invited by Coldplay to perform, alongside Chris Martin and Bárbara Bandeira, at the Coimbra Stadium in Portugal, interpreting the iconic fado song Coimbra, sung by many Portuguese artists.

Amidst these achievements, Carminho was invited by Caetano Veloso to join his tour in Portugal last September. Together, they performed Você-Você, a song from the album Ofertório (2018), created by Caetano and inspired by their discussions on the Portuguese language, specifically crafted for Carminho.

Carminho’s remarkable journey

Carmo Rebello de Andrade, aka Carminho, daughter of fadista Teresa Siquiera, started singing at a very young age in the Alfama, the area of Lisbon known for fado music. During her teenage years, the young singer’s career took off, as she accompanied her four siblings to a fado school run by her parents. Gradually, the talented performer attracted attention and recognition, winning the Prémio Amália Revelação in 2005.

‘From beginnings to well-deserved success, Carminho’s career has progressed at a dizzying rate.’

Her first album, Fado, was released in 2009 and Carminho was immediately acclaimed in Portugal as the greatest fado revelation of the last 10 years. The album was adored by the Portuguese public, and massive sales certified it platinum. The international press shared the same enthusiasm and showered it with praise. The prestigious British magazine Songlines named it Album of the Year 2011.

2011 was also the year that she launched her international career. Thanks to Perdóname, which she sang as a duet with Pablo Alborán, Carminho became the first Portuguese singer to reach number one on the Spanish charts. In 2012, she released her second album, entitled Alma. Certified gold in Portugal, this second opus confirmed the fadista’s undisputed place on the world stage, as she is regularly invited to perform her repertoire on major European stages.

After playing more than 90 concerts at home and abroad, Carminho fulfilled her lifelong dream to record with Milton Nascimento, Chico Buarque and Nana Caymmi, which led to a reissue of Alma, with three new songs added. It was in 2013 that Carminho truly became a star. In Brazil, she opened the Carnaval de Recife and sold out concerts in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and all over the country.

Traquen'Art et le Théâtre Outremont présentent Carminho, le 18 octobre, au Théâtre Outremont

Her third album, Canto, came out in November 2014. Carminho was thrilled to be joined by Caetano Veloso, a great admirer of her voice. Like the sailors’ songs that fado has always represented, this album draws inspiration from the world to shape a deeply Portuguese soul, of which Carminho’s voice is and will remain the perfect expression.

The album Canto also includes a duet with Marisa Monte and the exceptional participation of many artists such as António Serrano, Carlinhos Brown, Dadji Carvalho, Jaques Morelenbaum, Javier Limón, Jorge Hélder, João Frade, Lula Galvão and Naná Vasconcelos.

Invited by the family of António Carlos Jobim, one of the world’s greatest songwriters, she recorded Carminho canta Tom Jobim in 2016, with the Banda Nova ensemble, the last group of musicians to accompany him in concert during his last ten years.

‘In Brazil, she opened the Recife Carnival and sold out concerts in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and all over the country.’

Featuring guest singers Marisa Monte, Chico Buarque and Maria Bethânia. Carminho canta Tom Jobim was certified as a platinum album and earned the Golden Globe for best performer. By tackling Tom Jobim’s repertoire, Carminhos altered the codes of fado and built a musical bridge, at the centre of which Lusophone music shines brightly.

On the heels of her huge success with Carminho Canta Tom Jobim, Carminho returned to Fado with her 2018 album, Maria, also a Latin Grammy nominee. What stands out on this album is the dominance of the voice, with a very subtle balance between vocals and instruments, in favour of the voice. She calls the album Maria, which features her own music and lyrics, her most personal one yet. It bears her true identity: Carminho is the stage name she is known by, but her actual name is Maria do Carmo Carvalho Rebelo de Andrade.

Carminho: voice
André Dias: portuguese guitar
Flávio Cardoso: viola de fado
Tiago Maia: bass
Pedro Geraldes: lap steel guitar

Listen to Portuguesa on digital platforms

Théâtre Outremont
Wednesday, October 18, 2023, at 8 pm

Box Office

Tickets for the concert are on sale at the Théâtre Outremont box office
514 495-9944 Ext. 1
1248, Bernard Avenue West, Montréal



October 15: Vancouver, Centennial Theatre
October 18: Montréal, Théâtre Outremont*
October 21: Toronto, Bluma Appel Theatre**

* Concert presented by Traquen’Art and Théâtre Outremont
** Concert presented by Traquen’Art, in collaboration with 70 Años Canada, LIUNA! 183 and MDC Media Group

United States

October 6: Boston
October 8: New York
October 9: Chicago
October 12: Stanford
October 13: San Francisco
October 14: Los Angeles

Commanditaires - Traquen'Art et le Théâtre Outremont présentent Carminho, le 18 octobre, au Théâtre Outremont

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