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André Valiquette, candidate for the People’s Party of Canada in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce–Westmount

On October 3rd, just after the deadline for declaring their candidacy, all eight candidates from the riding of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce-Westmount were invited by to submit a text describing their platform for free publication, on a first-come, first-served basis. The deadline for submission was Friday, October 18, at noon.

Four of the eight candidates presented their programs. The others, unfortunately, missed the deadline despite two reminders. It was’s intention to present the program of all candidates, as in the 2017 Westmount municipal election and the 2018 Quebec provincial election.

Here is the second article of the series, submitted by André Valiquette of the People’s Party of Canada.

Quiz questions for the People’s Party of Canada

By André Valiquette
Candidate of the People’s Party of Canada

I know that reading a candidate’s presentation is not always interesting. No one wants to read a monologue of good intentions and empty promises.

Let me surprise you a little by simply trying to answer some of the questions I’ve heard or noted from several residents of our riding. These are not necessarily questions I like to hear, but they are legitimate nonetheless. No questions should be avoided.

Let me surprise you a little by simply trying to answer some of the questions I’ve heard…

Is the PPC racist?

André Valiquette - Parti populaire du Canada / Canada Party - NDG-Westmount – WestmountMag.caNo, we are not racist. We like everyone and have nothing to do with white supremacism. We have candidates from all backgrounds, cultural communities and religions.

However, our commitment to reduce immigration from 340,000 to 150,000 immigrants per year is not well understood by everyone.

Yes, our country was built on immigration and we recognize that. This diversity has contributed to different flavours within our country’s national culture and has enriched it.

But we want fewer immigrants in the future in order to better integrate them and preserve our Canadian and Western values, values that could be damaged by mass immigration. Just look at what is happening in Europe.

What we currently have is mass immigration. Reducing immigration to 150,000 people per year would match the proportion in the United States. Our neighbours to the south are still the country where there is the most immigration in the world. Meanwhile, the Liberals want to increase immigration even more. To us, this seems irresponsible. Immigration services are already overwhelmed and the major cities are experiencing a housing crisis. Among Canadians, 49% do not want an increase in immigration, while only 6% want it. Who are the extremists?

‘Canada was not built through social assistance but through the hard work of its newcomers.’

Immigrants must integrate into society organically, gradually. Reduced immigration facilitates real assimilation. This makes it possible to preserve a national culture that holds us together and is based on the democratic values that have made Western societies successful: the rule of law, gender equality, separation of religion and state, the right to criticize religion, tolerance, and loyalty to society as a whole rather than to one’s clan.

We also propose one-on-one meetings, so that each immigrant can take a values test. This is also what Premier Legault is proposing in Quebec. With us, political Islamism would not pass the test.

These one-on-one meetings would also help to select immigrants according to their skills and Canada’s economic needs. We propose to increase the number of these economic immigrants from 26% to more than 50% of total immigration. Immigrants will thus contribute more to their new country and will be more respected by Canadians. Canada was not built through social assistance but through the hard work of its newcomers.

Is the PPC a far right party?

You probably guessed that my answer is no. We can certainly be classified as right-wing, but we belong to the right-wing liberal family, which believes in individual freedoms, freedom of conscience, tolerance and entrepreneurship, values that have made Western societies successful, because it is these values that liberate citizens’ initiative, foster confident cooperation and create wealth.

The leader of the PPC, Maxime Bernier, is known as a moderate libertarian. Libertarians stand precisely for individual freedom and responsibility. This is the opposite of the totalitarian regimes we experienced in the 20th century, whether fascist or communist.

‘It is not xenophobia or white supremacism to value Western civilisation and to want to preserve our founding values.’

So, when I see my election signs vandalized by “antifas” who put swastikas on them at night, I tell myself that ignorance and stupidity are still alive and well in Quebec.

Speaking of political culture, I would like to point out that, no, not all civilizations are equal. It is not xenophobia or white supremacism to value Western civilisation and to want to preserve our founding values. Societies where the equal rights of all are not guaranteed, where allegiance goes to the clan rather than to society as a whole, where religious freedom – or the freedom not to believe – is not protected, these societies do not work and make their citizens want to emigrate; these societies fail to create a climate of trust that brings together talent and promotes innovation, trade and productivity.

A People’s Party government would also remove all funding to promote multiculturalism because it is not up to the state to promote the distinctiveness of cultural communities; it is up to them to do so if they so wish. With his cult of diversity, Justin Trudeau has effectively denied the existence of a national culture in Canada. Our country has become “post-national”.

The diversity of an open society is no longer an asset if it undermines social cohesion. Life in society is not just about contracts. It is rooted in a civilization, where history and customs play a unifying role. The Balkanization of society into communities that view each other with suspicion would not serve the country’s future.

We are committed to the idea that the economy naturally leads people to cooperate and find their place peacefully. However, we also recognize that some cultures integrate less well and that it is not unfair to exercise our discretion on this subject in our immigration policies. We must be careful when integrating migratory flows, several of whose components are tied to the repudiation of our own culture. A divided society, at war with itself, pays a high price.

When it comes to the environment, is it true that the PPC disregards science?

No, it’s not true. We believe that science must be taken into account in the decision-making process when establishing public policies. But we also believe that sound policies cannot be established on questionable diagnoses. That is why we reject climate alarmism.

‘… sound policies cannot be established on questionable diagnoses.’

The questionable diagnoses are those of the IPCC. Let’s be clear: the IPCC is composed of activists, politicians and a few scientists who summarize the findings of thousands of real scientists who are asked to conduct research on highly targeted phenomena; these real scientists receive grants and contracts from the IPCC and are occasionally asked to sign petitions (do they have a choice?). Then, the results of their detailed research are interpreted with charts that are modified from year to year by the IPCC because they do not work. In fact, no IPCC prediction has ever come true.

You know what? This is what Western governments are also realizing, but they don’t dare say it. That is why none of them has kept the promises of the Kyoto protocol. Walking the talk is not possible if you have trouble believing what you’re saying, isn’t it? It is the UN that is oiling the wheels of the IPCC in the hopes of harnessing resources for its globalist approach.

A People’s Party government would withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Agreements and abolish the Liberal government’s carbon tax. It would develop our natural resources and build safe pipelines.

A green tax would only subsidize unnecessary projects (i.e., green funds) that politicians welcome only if they help to make them look good. We must let innovation do its job. You can’t make a flower grow faster by pulling on it.

In the People’s Party, we are optimists: if climate change – and there has always been climate change – requires adaptations, we will be in the best position ever to deal with it and provide protective measures, because at no point in history have there been so many scientists and engineers on the planet and at no point in history have they had better resources and networks.

Will voting for the PPC help Trudeau stay in power?

Trudeau is trying to look like the NDP, and Scheer is trying to look like the Liberal Party. We are the real Conservatives. If Trudeau is re-elected, the Conservatives will have to draw their own conclusions.

One last thing

On October 21st, I urge you to send a strong message for change, for a freer, more sovereign Canada, with greater national unity and prosperity, free from the shackles of big government.
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