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The Finer Cookie:
Hazelnut Lime Sticks

The next move is yours

By Kimberlie Robert
Date #5: The condo is what you see in pictures: 12 foot floor-to-ceiling windows, a scaping view of the river, a large outdoor balcony furnished in white. Natural wood accents the main room, and the custom staircase, a clear architectural feature, peaks your curiosity. To the left of the main room is the kitchen with a large cherry table, (maybe a family heirloom) on which sits an unfolded Scrabble board. Your coat is hung with care as well as your foulard neatly folded. Tom Waits sings Alice into the romantic atmosphere. Citrus tisane infused, it is poured into your cup, and you’re both seated.

The game opens with a double word score: WELCOME. You are lucky to have enough letters: CRUNCH, and then you luckily pull two new vowels from the bag. The next move: CITRUS. You grab a hazelnut stick and nervously chew on it. You play: NUTS. Next word: HAPPY. You stare at your letters, then glance at your partner, then at the plate of carefree cookies that linger with lime—very delicious with the tea. You take a second one, and crunch it as you think. Your limited with your moves and you spot only one option: TO. You both smile. Next move is: SEE. Your grin lingers and with smart-ass abandon, you drop: YOU. So clever. With that, you’re invited to step away from the game. The tenderness is charming; the intimate gaze makes you forget every question or concern; the promise of the moment leaves you undefended. You realize that you are on a slippery slope and so you quietly reach for a Hazelnut Lime Stick and break it in half. In your offering, it is evident that the cookie has become a foil for your shyness—shy about your uncertainties. In the end though, the next move is yours…

Click here for the Hazelnut Lime Sticks recipe.

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Photography by Kimberlie Robert

kimberlie robert

Kimberlie Robert is currently the Executive Cookie Maker at The Finer Cookie. As of recently, she has worked as an Executive Assistant for five years. Prior to that she was the Coordinating Director/Partner of an Advertising Agency. She has earned an MA in Art History and a BA in English Literature. She is also a writer and researcher, short story editor, pastry chef, tango dancer and gardener.

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