The Finer Cookie: Flourless Peanut Butter cookie

A Snoot of Light

By Kimberlie Robert

The huge warehouse door of your photo studio was the only barrier that stood between you and your new reality. On the other side of that door was your life’s work, the sum total of your creative energy, and your professional efforts. Standing on the precipice of this moment, you recall the commitment you made to your craft, the sweet toll of a small bell that sounded every time your camera was in hand–the feeling that you’re in the exact right place at exactly the right time. Nothing or no one has meant more to you over the years.

Your trusted Manager understands this and takes care always to keep you up-to-date and organized. She intuitively and very kindly saved you from the heartache of this loss and disassembled your studio to best assess the damage. Your admiration and appreciation for her work amidst the stench of smoke and mold is unending. To her credit still, she had built a secure, humidity controlled archival area to keep your slide files, and portable camera equipment and lenses. Learning that those items were dry, and relatively smoke free, was a snoot of light. So in the end, your very charming, old mattress factory warehouse has done you no favours, being built mostly of lumber and brick. It was the the fire that burned a small hole in the wood flooring that set off the sprinklers in your studio space, leaving all the seamless paper, the over-sized (and painfully expensive) umbrellas, light boxes, electronic flashes, and all the rest beyond repair.

While going through your things, you noticed your sister was phoning to ask for a ride to the hospital. It’s not news that her insulin is less and less controllable, and it’s no surprise that her eyesight is getting worse all the time. Half listening, you find the small cake box that now contains only crumbs and pieces of the batch of Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies with Bourbon Soaked Peanuts and Smoked Bacon that you left in the kitchen for your Manager, staff, and crew. How was it that the box wasn’t damaged? Nibbling on the remnants was a nice distraction from your sister’s yammering. Not minding their stale condition, you picked up the morsels and walked to the fresh air window at the end of the hallway. You sniffed it for smoke damage, and accepting the clean peanut perfume, you ate it. It was still somewhat chewy. The bourbon peanuts continued to be heroic, while the dark chocolate and salty bacon made you salivate. Feeling resigned and in a corner, you agreed to fetch your sister, thus you gathered your treasured cameras and lenses, and like a pack horse, headed for your truck. Even at this stage in your career, you whispered encouragement. There is a lot of life left in you, you cajoled. Lots.

Click here for the Flourless Peanut Butter with Bourbon Soaked Peanuts and Smokey Bacon recipe.

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Photography by Kimberlie Robert

kimberlie robert

Kimberlie Robert is currently the Executive Cookie Maker at The Finer Cookie. As of recently, she has worked as an Executive Assistant for five years. Prior to that she was the Coordinating Director/Partner of an Advertising Agency. She has earned an MA in Art History and a BA in English Literature. She is also a writer and researcher, short story editor, pastry chef, tango dancer and gardener.

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