Climate Café at Westmount Park United Church

2019/09/25 @ 18:00
Westmount Park United Church
4695 Maisonneuve Blvd W
Westmount, QC H3Z 1S4
Rev. Neil Whitehouse

Westmount Park Church summer - WestmountMag.caThe monthly Climate Café meetings resume Wednesday, September 25 at 6 pm at Westmount Park United Church, 4695 Maisonneuve W, with a workshop on growing and propagating orchids. It will include training on how to let a plant be our therapist.

The Climate Café is a non-religious event open to everyone, organized by Westmount Park United Church as part of its Faith in Nature Centre, a community committed to building lasting relationship and partnerships for the well-being of the environment. Come to meet the growing number of neighbours who are concerned and want to make a difference!

Westmount Park United Church recently launched a new expression of its Climate Café programme, The House Plant Project, which will give away house plants to passers by, inviting them to propagate their plant and pass it on, with the overall aim of increasing house plant populations in Westmount. House plants fix carbon, improve air quality and can bring a sense of well-being. Each Thursday between 3 pm and 5 pm, house plants will be given away, until the weather changes or the church runs out of plants! Sponsored by Westmount Florist.

For more information contact Rev. Neil Whitehouse at

Image: Patricia Dumais