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Marc Garneau, candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce–Westmount

Candidates in the riding of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce-Westmount were invited to submit a text describing their platform for publication in The texts are published in their original format, as received, without correction. Here is the article submitted by Marc Garneau of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Team Trudeau delivers a real plan to move Canada forward – for everyone

Over the past 18 months, Canadians have faced the crisis of a century. They have worn a mask and stayed home to keep each other safe. They have juggled working from home while their kids did virtual school at the same kitchen table. And now, they’re rolling up their sleeves to get vaccinated so we can get back to normal. Residents of Notre-Dame-de-Grace—Westmount and Canadians have been resilient and determined in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, and they deserve a real plan that will create jobs, grow the middle class, and build a better path forward. Forward. For Everyone. is that plan, and only the Liberal Party has the team that can finish the fight against COVID-19 and build back a better Canada that leaves no one behind.

“Canadians pulled together in this challenging year. They were there for one another – and so was our Liberal government,” said Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. “Now, as more people roll up their sleeves to get vaccinated, Canadians have a choice to make about our future. We have a real plan to finish the fight against COVID-19 and build a better Canada for everyone. I believe this is our moment to think bigger and bolder. I believe in moving forward – for everyone.”

The Liberal platform will continue to get Canadians through the pandemic and build a better Canada for all Canadians. Together we will:

  • Finish the fight against COVID-19 by supporting proof-of-vaccination credentials and mandatory vaccines for people travelling on planes and trains;
  • Keep Canadians healthy with transformative investments in the strength of our universal, public health care system, in primary care, long term care, and mental health;
  • Accelerate climate action by creating new green jobs, cutting pollution in the oil and gas sector, and making our communities cleaner with zero-emission vehicles;
  • Make everyone pay their fair share, including big banks and the wealthiest Canadians;
  • Create safer communities by toughening our laws on banned assault weapons and supporting provinces and territories that implement a ban on handguns;
  • Help Canadians find a home of their own by saving first time homebuyers up to $30,000, helping 1.4 million families find a home, and protecting the rights of Canadians and taking action against speculators;
  • Deliver $10 a day child care and create more childcare spaces in Quebec with a federal transfer of $6 billion over five years;
  • Build a fairer Canada by fighting systemic racism and discrimination, and combatting hate in all its forms; and
  • Walk the shared path of reconciliation by addressing the legacy of colonialism and Residential schools, continuing to work to eliminate all clean long-term drinking water advisories, and taking action to confront systemic racism against Indigenous peoples, including in health care.

“The decisions we make right now matter,” said Mr. Trudeau. “For parents like me with a kid in school who’s too young to get his shot, it matters if we stand up for vaccines. If you’re waiting to see a doctor or nurse, or if your surgery’s been delayed by the pandemic, it matters whether we fight for public, universal healthcare. And for our kids and grandkids who will inherit this planet, it matters whether we reduce pollution to get to net zero. We have to keep moving forward. And together, we have to do the hard work to build a better Canada – for everyone.” 

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