The beauty of the human voice
at the Festival de la Voix

Concerts for all ages and tastes as well as workshops and master classes

One of the few festivals that take the risk of presenting Canadian music, Festival de la Voix, now in its sixth year, continues to offer concerts for all ages and tastes as well as workshops and master classes in four communities on the West Island. Artistic Director Kerry-Anne Kutz invites people from all over the island to come together to explore, appreciate and celebrate the beauty, versatility and power of the human voice.

Festival de la Voix - Kongero –


This year’s 6th-anniversary edition features seven exciting, varied concerts, as well as four outstanding workshops and two school concerts. The eclectic mix of styles and voices includes Kongero, a Swedish women’s quartet (March 17); Middle-Eastern and Baroque music; Monique Fauteaux (March 24); world-renowned Ensemble Caprice (March 22); Juno award-winner Kim Richardson (March 23); Golden Voices honouring seniors with ‘La Diva’ Natalie Choquette and The Firemen’s Band of Montreal (March 23rd); ‘La musique de chez nous’ reflecting the range of Quebec cultures features Senegalese kora master Zal Sissokho as well as Quebec and Canadian music. Also Julie Valois and Karine DeschampsBonbon Pop! for kids and parents; and four exceptional choirs in Choralissimo (March 31).

Festival de la Voix - Ensemble Caprice –

Ensemble Caprice

Vox Aeterna

Vox Aeterna is proud to present the sixth annual edition of the Festival de la Voix, which promotes live musical performances, benefiting Canadian composers as well as emerging professional artists. Nine amazing and diverse shows, including two school concerts and four workshops, remarkable for their original design and local pedagogy. From March 16 to 31 in the West Island (Dorval, Pointe-Claire, Beaconsfield and Lachine), the founder and artistic director of the Festival de la Voix, Kerry-Anne Kutz, invites people from all over the city to explore, celebrate and taste the beauty, versatility and power of the human voice. It is a unifying challenge that has been renewed again this year.

One of the few festivals that take the risk of presenting Canadian music, Festival de la Voix continues to offer concerts for all ages and tastes as well as workshops and master classes

Kerry-Anne Kutz – WestmountMag.caMs. Kutz is proud of the evolution of the Festival de la Voix. “We started with three concerts in 2013 to get to nine concerts this year. We now have shows designed specifically for preschoolers and elementary and secondary school students. Every year we add music from different cultures to our program. For our sixth edition, in addition to Canadian and First Nations music, we will be offering a musical palette from Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa and Sweden. Ms. Kutz testifies, “I would like to share with the general public what these extraordinary artists offer us: the chance to hear inspiring and moving music. I believe that listening to music live contributes to our personal well-being and allows every human being to become better and every society to become more generous and open to the world.”

From Sweden to the Orient: the magic of music at the Festival de la Voix

The 6th Festival de la Voix is a vehicle for peace by promoting respect for the diversity of musical styles presented. Ms. Kutz is delighted with this year’s program. “I am very happy to have been able to bring Kongero to the Festival; it is a first for our organization to welcome a group from outside Canada. It is also an honour for us to welcome the three-time Juno Kim Richardson Award winner or to present the Montreal alternative music group Oliver Forest, which was recently chosen to represent Quebec at the major competition for the best orchestra in Canada. Finally, I love inviting the virtuoso Natalie Choquette, her charm and brilliance delight our audience.”

Choirs and workshops for the whole family

The Festival de la Voix is unique and inclusive. It offers concerts and workshops for an audience of all generations from preschool to senior citizens. In addition, its mandate is to bring together diverse communities to celebrate music and the arrival of spring.

This year’s high-calibre workshops will focus on original themes: singing in harmony with Kongero’s Swedish women; Fit to Sing, teaching techniques to get the most out of your voice; choral singing and the world of a capella music with Andrew Gray; and singing with her spirituality with Floydd Ricketts. It should be noted that scholarships for these workshops will be available for young adult candidates who do not have the means to study under private conditions.

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Festival de la Voix 6th Edition

Dorval, Pointe-Claire, Beaconsfield, Lachine
March 16-31, 2019

Tickets for mornings and evenings between $10 and $30
Passport to the Festival
4 concerts for $90 ($75 students and seniors)

For the complete program and the various Festival sites as well as biographical notes on the Festival’s artists, see

Workshops: register now, scholarships available for candidates in need
For further information: (514) 758-3641,

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