48th edition of the FNC
Festival du nouveau cinéma

Pedro Almodovar, Agnès Varda, Ken Loach, Bertrand Bonello, Quentin Dupieux and Nadav Lapid at the FNC

Always committed to offering the public the greatest voices in the current cinematographic landscape, the 48th edition of the Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC) offers a varied musical and event program every evening at the Festival’s headquarters: the Agora Hydro-Québec du Coeur des sciences at UQAM. Until October 20, festival-goers have access to several concerts, events and performances closely linked to the programming of this year’s films and major themes.

This 48th edition of the FNC offers a varied musical and event programming every evening until 20 October.

The must-see titles of the year

The Festival also presents other titles by renowned directors to the Montreal public for the first time. Part of the programming: Pain and glory, self-reflexive portrait of Pedro Almodovar presented as an official selection at the Cannes Film Festival and awarded the Male Performance Prize for Antonio Banderas; Sorry We Missed You, a powerful incursion into the English working class by Ken Loach, also as an official selection for the Cannes Film Festival; Zombi Child, a fantastic drama by Bertrand Bonello shot in Haiti and presented at the Directors’ Fortnight; just like Quentin Dupieux‘s absurd comedy Le Daim where Jean Dujardin plays a man obsessed with his new 100% suede jacket! In addition to the program, Synonymous of Nadav Lapid, Golden Bear of the Berlinale, in which Yoav, a young Israeli, lands in Paris with the hope that the French language will save him from the madness of his country.

FNC 2019 - Festival du nouveau cinéma - Soirées de la louve

Exceptional all-nighter

Great Alien night
Saturday, October 12
Imperial Cinema

As part of the 40th anniversary of the ALIEN saga, the festival is offering festivalgoers an exceptional all-nighter at the Imperial Cinema to celebrate this legendary franchise featuring Sigourney Weaver. From 8 pm to 7 am, the four films of the original saga by Ridley Scott, James Cameron, David Fincher and Jean-Pierre Jeunet will follow one another. Surprises and snacks will be offered during the night. Breakfast will also be offered to the most passionate night owls of the Imperial Cinema.

‘As part of the 40th anniversary of the ALIEN saga, the festival is offering festivalgoers an exceptional all-nighter at the Imperial Cinema’

Sunday, Octobre 13
Agora du cœur des sciences

On October 13, the FNC celebrates the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall by inviting the public to discover the electro group Kompromat. The duo Vitalic and Rebeka Warrior (Sexy Sushi) will take to the stage at the Agora Hydro-Québec for their first concert in North America, where they will defend Traum und Existenz, their first album released last spring.

For this evening of Berlin techno inspired music, they will be accompanied in the first part by Montreal producer and songwriter Xarah Dion, a major figure on the minimal wave scene with her incisive sounds, ethereal songs and hypnotic compositions.


For the fourth consecutive year, FNC EXPLORE is back at the FNC to offer festival-goers virtual reality, augmented reality and immersive installations that are internationally renowned and awarded. Through various thematic tours, the event will feature interactive virtual reality works, innovative installations and immersive films.

‘For the fourth consecutive year, FNC EXPLORE is back at the FNC to offer festival-goers virtual reality, augmented reality and immersive installations.’

Initiated with the aim of democratizing the use of new technologies among the general public, the pathways and installations are offered free and open access. Until October 20, from noon to 8 pm, FNC EXPLORE will be deployed in the Grande-Place of Complexe Desjardins as well as in new locations: Hexagram UQAM for immersive works and the Agora du Cœur des Sciences of UQAM and its Chaufferie for mobile experiences and special events.

FNC 2019 - Festival du nouveau cinéma


Several fascinating installations and performances are presented for the first time, including:

Mooniyang, architectural projection by Caroline Monnet (World Premiere) produced by the Quartier des spectacles Partnership;
• W/O/R/K by the Smartphone Orchestra and Anagram collective in collaboration with MUTEK, presented at South by Southwest earlier this year;
• These Sleepless Nights, a social installation by Gabo Arora (North American premiere) co-produced by Montreal studio Dpt. and presented at the Venice Mostra in the Venice Virtual Reality section. This installation, which is new to the FNC, is being tested with augmented reality glasses using Magic Leap technology.

‘For the first time, FNC Explore is offering a VR Cinema powered by Samsung VR.’

Several immersive works are also on the program, including:

22.7°C by Jan Kounen, Molécule and Amaury La Bruthe (Canadian premiere), a work discovered this year at South by Southwest;
• 7 Lives by Jan Kounen, Sabrina Calvo and Charles Ayats; the animated queer documentary Another Dream by Tamara Shogaolu (Quebec Premiere);
• Battlescars – Punk was invented by girls by Martin Allais and Nico Casavecchia (Canadian Premiere), recently presented at the Venice Mostra;
Darren Emerson‘s Common Ground (Quebec Premiere) presented at Tribeca this year;
Doctor Who – The Runaway by Mathias Chelebourg (Canadian Premiere), based on the cult series Doctor Who;
Fisherman’s Tale (chapter 1) by Balthazar Auxietre and Alexis Moroz (Canadian Premiere);
Forest by Kelsey Boncato and Daniel Oldham (Quebec Premiere);
Gloomy Eyes by Fernando Maldonado and Jorge Teresco (Canadian premiere) presented at the Venice Mostra;
The Heart of Darkness by Sutu (Canadian Premiere);
Unceded Territories by Paisely Smith and Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun (Canadian Premiere), presented at Tribeca this year;
The Key, the American-Iraqi work by Céline Tricart (Canadian Premiere) which in September won the Grand Jury Prize for the best immersive virtual reality work at the Venice Mostra.

It should also be noted that for the first time, the section offers a VR Cinema powered by Samsung VR that allows 25 people to discover at the same time a program composed of several virtual reality works including :

• 21-22 Alpha by Thierry Loa (International Premiere), the first film in a virtual reality series that explores the planet in the era of the anthropocene;
• Accused No. 2 of the French Nicolas Champeaux and Gilles Porte;
Conscious Existence by Marc Zimmermann and Felix Fahle (Canadian premiere);
Last Whispers: An Immersive Oratorio by Lana Herzog (Canadian premiere) discovered in Su;ndance;
Odyssey 1.4.9, François Vautier‘s tribute to 2001, the Space Odyssey (International premiere);
The rain that is falling now was also falling back then by Christian Zipfel (International Premiere);
TX-Reverse 360 by Dreams Rewired and Constant Ride (North American premiere).

In addition to this extensive program, there are also three mobile experiences: Anna by Alex Mayhew (Impossible Things), Katherine Ouimet, Ghassan FayadKngfu & Amythos Media (International Premiere); Grey Matter by Karen Vanderborght (International Premiere) and the National Film Board of Canada’s (NFB) new production East of the Rockies by Joy Kogawa and Jam3 presented in Quebec Premiere.


In addition, after last year’s success, the student RV competition is back. Established at the provincial level, this competitive section aims to provide a bridge between the professional and academic worlds while allowing the public to discover Quebec’s next generation of virtual reality through three works: Virtual Mistake by Benoît Adam (Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue); Bergmal by Éric Filion (École NAD) and Playtime by Catherine Bazinet, Maxime Boisvert, Ronan Le Gall, Alexis Maher and Charles Tétreault (UQAM).

‘The FNC is pleased to announce the program of its professional meetings to be held as part of the FNC Forum.’


To go further in the reflection on new media, it should also be noted that FNC EXPLORE is also offering conferences and workshops for professionals on 17 and 18 October as part of the FNC Forum professional component. A free masterclass by Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël from the Montreal studio Felix & Paul Studios will be organized as well as a think tank to reflect on a sustainable XR system, a presentation of Quebec/Canada XR with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications.


The FNC is pleased to announce the program of its professional meetings that will be held during the FNC Forum, from October 15 to 18. A professional incubator for film creation, financing and distribution, the FNC Forum includes meetings, conferences and panels of experts that promote exchanges within the industry. During four days, participants will have the opportunity to present new projects and facilitate their financing by creating business opportunities in a privileged setting.

Tuesday, October 15 to Friday, October 18

Coffee meeting 
9 am to 11 am, Boiler room (UQAM sciences)
During the four days of the Forum, eight Coffee Meetings are held between Forum participants and personalities from the international film industry in the Boiler Room. These Cafés-Rencontres are intended to facilitate exchanges in a more relaxed atmosphere.


Roundtable “Music in the picture”
9 am to 11 am, Agora (UQAM sciences)
Olivier Alary (Félix and Meira) and Alexandra Stréliski (Dallas Buyers Club) share their expertise and explain the process of composing music for the screen.

Device The 3rd character
10:30 am to 5 pm, INIS
In collaboration with the Aubagne International Film Festival and SACEM, this event brings composers into contact with director-producer pairs looking for original music for their short or feature film projects.

Short film programmers panel
11 am to 12 pm, Boiler room (UQAM sciences)
In the form of an informal panel, international short film festival programmers will come to discuss their selection process. Attending will be Enrico Vannucci (Venice Mostra), Sang-Hoon Lee (Busan International Short Film Festival), Anne Gaschutz (Filmfest Dresden), Claudio Zilleruelo (Black Canvas Contemporary Film Festival) and Jaime Manrique (Bogoshorts Festival).

A look back at the 2018 speed meeting: from books to short films
1 pm to 3 pm, Agora (UQAM sciences
Duos (director and author) trained in the previous edition will share their experience and discuss how the twinning went.

Workshop “The Cinema Ecosystem”
1 pm to 3 pm, INIS
To better understand the roles and issues of the actors who enter the scene once the production and post-production of a film are completed: distributors (and self-distributors), festivals, markets, platforms. During this discussion, the various stages and avenues of marketing and possible venues for dissemination will be discussed.

Tax Clinic
1 pm to 3 pm, Boiler room (UQAM sciences)
Presented by BDO in collaboration with the National Bank, the tax clinic aims to offer consultations to professionals in the film and multimedia sector.

Speed meeting 2019: from book to short film
2:30 pm to 5 pm, Agora (UQAM sciences)
Following a call launched by SODEC, authors and directors/producers of short films will be matched according to their interests and the themes they address in their practice in order to create future film adaptations.


Networking breakfast Expand your address book!
8 am to 10 am, Agora (UQAM sciences)
Networking breakfast in collaboration with FCTMN and Fair Trade Directors as well as in association with Film Fatales, to develop technician banks and strengthen networking with producers and film crew creators.

Panel Building Diversity
10:30 am to 12:00 pm, Agora (UQAM sciences)
Making cinema in a society that is looking for new models is one of the main focuses of this edition of the Forum. How is diversity represented in our cinema? How to prepare a film project in an inclusive way?

Activity presented by Telefilm
to mark the 50th anniversary of the Official Languages Act.
1 pm to 3 pm, Agora (UQAM sciences)
3 pm to 5 pm, Agora (UQAM sciences)
Panel: The place of Quebec auteur cinema in our screens. This panel will aim to unravel the issues of local auteur cinema with its main actors with the aim of identifying the problems and challenges of the future.


10 am to 12 pm, Imperial Cinema (free)

Master Class – Felix & Paul Studios
Unlearn film conventions for new immersive possibilities.
10:30 am to 12:00 pm, Agora (UQAM sciences)
Founded in 2013, Felix & Paul Studios has established a unique method to create virtual reality works in a cinematographic way, paving the way for interactive narration. Join the founders of this award-winning Montreal studio, Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël, as they discuss their journey from film to immersive entertainment.
In collaboration with Phi and Xn Québec
Reservation required

Panel: “Markets, a look at the South”
Discussion about Latin American markets and its opportunities to discover new projects. A space to encourage collaboration between Canada and the South, identify Latin American markets and discuss forms of financing.
1 pm to 5 pm, Agora (UQAM sciences)
Focus Group: Creating a sustainable XR system from idea to access

During a full day, XR experts will reflect on the state and future strategies of XR to identify challenges and find solutions to a global XR ecosystem, through ideas, prototypes, production, financing, financing, distribution and dissemination of XR works, the conclusions of which will be published.

In collaboration with the Canada Media Fund (CMF)

• Creation: Tamara Shoghaulo, Célin Tricart and Balthazar Auxietre
• Production component: Antoine Cayrole (Atlas V.), Audrey Pacart (Very Story), Marie Blondieaux (Red Corner), Toby Coffey (National Theatre), Catherine Mathyse (FMC)
• Distribution: Paul Augustin (BBC), Myriam Achard (Centre Phi), Dario Laverde (HTC VIVE) and Tammy Peddle (NFB), Anna Ticktin (Samsung VR)


The works to be nominated for the Innovation Grand Prize, the Immersion Prize and the Young Student Award will be selected by a jury composed of five influential personalities in the field: Myriam Achard, Head of New Media Partnerships and Public Relations at the Centre Phi; Toby Coffey, Head of Digital Development for the National Theatre in London; Anna Ticktin, Head of Operations and Content at Samsung VR Video; Dario Laverde, Senior Developer and Promoter at HTC; Jean Dubois, Co-Director of the Hexagram Research-Creation Network and Professor at the École des arts visuels et médiatiques at the Université du Québec à Montréal.

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Festival du nouveau cinéma

For more information on the schedule for the 48th edition of the Festival du nouveau cinéma:
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Images: courtesy of the Festival du nouveau cinéma de Montréal
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Le Festival du nouveau cinéma de Montréal is dedicated to the dissemination and development of new trends in the field of film and new media by promoting innovative proposals. It is a springboard to promote original and unpublished works, promoting the development of auteur cinema and digital creation.

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