50 ideas for the 50th
anniversary of Earth Day

Some cool ways to celebrate and protect our planet

By Eric Corey Freed

On April 22, the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the one day a year we reaffirm our commitment to understanding our planet’s interconnected systems and to protecting it for future generations.

Here’s a list of ideas, activities, and contributions you and your family can make to participate too (even while #shelteringinplace). If you’re overwhelmed, try doing just one every week.

  1. Donate blood
    Even during the coronavirus epidemic, donating blood is safe and saves lives. Visit Héma-Québec for more information.
  2. Plant some food
    Start that herb garden in a window box or germinate some veggie seeds for a summer harvest. You can even collect a handful of seeds from neighbourhood trees and scatter them in appropriate places.
  3. Save water
    Try taking a shorter shower or carry a bucket in with you and use that water in your yard or neighbourhood park.
  4. Save some energy
    Your hot water heater uses 20 percent of your monthly energy use. Try turning the heat setting down such that you don’t need to add cold water while in the shower.
  5. Save more energy
    Your thermostat probably has schedule settings built in. Learn how to use them and you’ll save up to $180 a year in energy savings.

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    Image: Markus Spiske – Pexels

  6. Use a solar clothes dryer
    Electric clothes dryers eat 10 percent of all of your home’s energy. Installing a clothesline will save you around $200 a year (and keep your home cooler).
  7. Watch birds from your window
    Hang a pinecone and peanut butter bird feeder up near a window so you can see watch the birds enjoying it.
  8. Paint some stones
    And sprinkle them around your neighbourhood in fun places.
  9. Make a treat
    Bake some cupcakes with little earth decorated tops.
  10. Make some noise
    Make a wind chime from some decorated tin cans from the recycling bin.
  11. Save plastic
    Decorate your reusable water bottle to make it your own.
  12. Go meatless
    Save some carbon and your health by trying a “meatless Monday” where you skip meat one day (or more) a week.
  13. Substitute meat
    Look at your regular shopping list and see what vegetarian substitutions you can make (such as using eggplant instead of chicken.)
  14. Save waste
    Try to go an entire day without producing any waste. You can recycle, repurpose or reuse. Just don’t throw anything away.

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    Image: Anna Pelzer – Unsplash

  15. Drink wine
    Hold an “Afterwork Wine Wednesday” with your teammates sampling some biodynamic wines.
  16. Support local
    Next time you order from a restaurant, choose a locally owned business instead of a large national chain.
  17. Clean naturally
    Instead of using toxic chemicals, clean your home using all-natural ingredients, like vinegar and baking soda.
  18. Build a better feeder/doghouse
    Design a bird feeder or doghouse for your yard (if you have one).
  19. Build a little free library
    Convert an old small cabinet into a “little free library” for your block.
  20. Reuse old clothes
    Donate clothes you no longer wear to a local shelter or Salvation Army.
  21. Reuse old glasses
    Donate your old eyeglasses to the needy. There are several services that do this, including Optométristes Sans Frontières.
  22. Shave the peak
    Depending on where you live, your local utility company might offer a demand response program for electricity.

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    Image: tinkerlab.com

  23. Get involved
    There are a ton of amazing local and national environmental organizations for you to donate your money or your time. To get started, try the Nature Conservancy or the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society.
  24. Join the Challenge
    Follow Living Building Challenge on social media (Twitter and Instagram).
  25. Have a plant party
    Get a bunch of friends together (over webcam) and have a plant potting party together.
  26. Buy better
    If you must use disposable products, switch to biodegradable versions, like BioBag, Bambu Home, Paper Straws, or Seventh Generation.
  27. Get outside
    Get outside and get some fresh air and count the number of different living creatures you see (plants included.)
  28. Upcycle your clothes
    Convert old clothes into something new.
  29. Light a candle
    Make candles with coffee grounds.
  30. Offset yourself
    Purchase carbon offsets to eliminate the emissions from your travel last year.
  31. Green your gas
    Sign up for a Green Gas Card to offset all of your gasoline purchases. (In the U.S. only for now.)
  32. Time your lights
    Dimmers, occupancy sensors, and timers are great DIY projects that save a surprising amount of electricity.
  33. Upgrade your bulbs
    If you haven’t already, replace incandescent bulbs with LED versions. The colour and lifespan is better, too.
  34. Learn something
    Subscribe to Green Building & Design (gb&d) Magazine for free.
  35. Get inspired
    Watch these TED talks for a little sustainability thinking. (Video #1, Video #2, Video #3)
  36. Take a course
    Take a free online course from Heatspring here.
  37. Stop junk mail
    Find out how to stop receiving unaddressed advertising mail at canadapost.ca
  38. Sun patterns
    Make leaf sun prints on fabric.
  39. Go renewable
    Cant install solar? You can sign up to purchase renewable energy for your home right now. (In the U.S. only.)
  40. Get political
    Call your MP or MNA and tell them to endorse a Green New Deal.
  41. Get a Green Map
    Contribute to or create a green map for your city.
  42. Get real about impact
    Calculate your personal carbon footprint.
  43. Check in on others
    Check-in on your elderly neighbours during this time. A kindness postcard is a great way to start. If you’re really ambitious, start a “neighbourhood pod.”
  44. Bike more
    Sometimes we don’t bike as much as we want because it’s hard to get your bike out or it needs a repair. Set up your bike in a way that will encourage you to use it more. Commit to trying to ride it even once a week.
  45. Skip plastic bags
    We all have those reusable totes that they giveaway at conferences. Keep a few of them in your trunk so you actually use them on your next trip to the grocery store.
  46. Help your local elementary school to plant a garden
    Here are some tips.
  47. Brush without the faucet
    You can save up to eight gallons of water a day just by shutting off the faucet when brushing your teeth.
  48. Kill the vampires
    Unplug appliances and equipment when not in use. It stops them from sucking energy even when off.
  49. Wash cold
    About 90 percent of the energy your washing machine uses goes towards heating the water. Do laundry in cold water instead.
  50. Multiply impact
    Doing something is only part of it. Tell your friends and family about your actions and encourage them to do the same.

Did we miss something? Well, just do it!

Feature image: Saad Faruque via StockPholio.net

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