5 things to do first
to find the ideal job

Here’s the path that will allow you to find a job that will really please you!

40 years: This is the number of years your career will last. Knowing that you will spend 40 hours a week at work, you had better find a job you enjoy! But first you have to find the right position… In reality, for many young graduates (and even active adults), finding their place on the job market is already a challenge in itself. And if we add the difficulty of finding an exciting occupation, the challenge is even greater… but not impossible!

… it is perfectly possible to find work that, as well as providing you with funds, will be stimulating and allow you to meet interesting people!

Whether you are still studying or have already graduated, finding a job that you enjoy will not necessarily be easy. But fortunately, it is perfectly possible to find work that, as well as providing you with funds, will be stimulating and allow you to meet interesting people! To achieve this end, there are a number of things you need to do first. So here are five things that students and new graduates must absolutely do if they want to find the job of their dreams:

5 things to do first to find a job you like

Take stock of your objectives: what do you hope for?

To begin with, a job that pleases one person will not necessarily please another. It is all a matter of personal preferences, objectives, hopes and motivations.

For example, some young graduates will be stimulated by a job that allows them to get around, be constantly on the go and travel. Others will be much more attracted by a field involving contact with other people which will allow them to discuss, share, advise or even negotiate. Last, but not least, nature lovers will thrive in an outdoor job, related to vegetation, animals, the environment, ecology, etc.

‘It is all a matter of personal preferences, objectives, hopes and motivations.’

In these three examples, the objectives are very different. If you hope to find a job which you like, you need to begin by identifying your own expectations. To make it simple: what are you looking for in your future employment? What criteria must it fulfill? Make a list of what you want and, in particular, what you do not want in a job. To do this, think about your past experiences (personal as well as professional) and take your own tastes into account. Also think about the things you have heard about various work situations.

Using this as a base, then list the fields and occupations which attract you and those which do not. You can search the Web, talk to people you know, or even ask for advice from vocational guidance experts.

Identify your strengths

The second step is to identify your strengths, the assets you can put forward to sell yourself on the job market. It is not enough to know which occupation is right for you, you also have to have the appropriate profile to carry it out!

For example, if your dream is to become a fighter pilot, you need to meet several physical criteria and obtain the required certificates. In the same way, if you want to have a career in medicine so that you can help people, but you cannot stand the sight of blood, perhaps you need to readjust your expectations.

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In short, you need to identify your strengths. This will indirectly allow you to detect your weaknesses, and particularly those that perhaps you need to improve in order to achieve your goals. When we talk about seeking employment, we spontaneously think of technical skills and behavioural aptitudes. We also think about previous occupational experiences. Certainly, these qualities are important, but they are not everything. And this is fortunate since, for a young graduate with little experience, they are often difficult to emphasize…

‘It is not enough to know which occupation is right for you, you also have to have the appropriate profile to carry it out!’

To enhance your profile, you can highlight many other assets and, most of all, find concrete examples to illustrate them. Every experience, professional and personal, can call on your qualities: studies, diplomas, training positions, but also travels, university exchanges, sports clubs… For example, if you love team sports, finding a collaborative job will surely be fulfilling for you. If you appreciate creating things, a more creative or artisanal occupation may suit you.

As a bonus: in addition to helping you identify the types of jobs which correspond to you, identifying your assets will also help you boost your self confidence!

Develop your professional network

Next, be aware that a professional network is very important in seeking a job. By talking to people who already have a position, you will obtain authentic and subjective information. They will help you arrive at a more concrete idea of the position, the work environment, the advantages and inconveniences of the field, the qualities required, etc.

So, take the time to meet with professionals in the areas which appeal to you to discuss their jobs with them. If they are open, you can even ask for authorization to attend a work day. This will give you a super opportunity to observe and question the real conditions.

‘…a professional network is very important in seeking a job.’

These meetings will also offer an opportunity to create contacts to develop your network. A good network will not only give you access to advice and good practices, but also to more professional opportunities. When you meet these contacts, do not hesitate to talk to them about your projects, ambitions and assets. This will help you to find a job that you like.

Dare to chart your own path

This fourth point is also very important: dare to follow your inner voice. Very often, it is by charting our own path that we manage to create the career in which we will really find fulfillment. So, do not be afraid to think outside the box in order to find a job which you will really enjoy. Sometimes, a long journey is necessary to arrive at one’s goal. This risk-taking and uncertainty may seem scary, but within reasonable limits, you need to find your own path.

So begin by gathering as much information as possible. As well as meeting professionals from various fields which attract you, make sure you also expand your horizons to envisage paths which you would not necessarily have thought of at first: do some research on the Internet, discover occupations that are not well known, read reports by others, etc.

‘Very often, it is by charting our own path that we manage to create the career in which we will really find fulfillment.’

At the same time, nothing is better than experimenting. Since there is often a difference between the image we have of a position and its reality, do not hesitate to take on training positions. They will allow you to discover a given field under real conditions and to know if it is actually right for you. In addition, training positions will also help you top up your professional network and obtain valuable recommendations later on!

Lastly, do not remain closed on a path that does not suit you. You will not necessarily find the job of your dreams in your first experience (in fact, few young graduates have this chance!). If necessary, you may have to reorient yourself. Accept this and give yourself the right to make a mistake. And, even if a job does not suit you, it nevertheless will bring you something (typically, it will have helped you identify what you do not want, as explained in the first point). The main thing is to learn from each experience, even if it does not correspond to what you had hoped for.

It is thanks to this voyage that you will build your own path and succeed in finding a job you enjoy!

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Meet with a counselor at your Carrefour jeunesse-emploi !

Last of all, do not hesitate to meet with professional counselors who will guide you in your search. The Carrefours jeunesse-emploi are extraordinary resources that you should not hesitate to consult.

On the contrary, every good job search should begin with a visit to your Carrefour! Therefore, visit a job counselor in your neighbourhood. Dynamic and plugged into the job market, they offer personalized accompaniment and sound advice adapted to your situation while supporting you in your job search.

‘…do not hesitate to meet with professional counselors who will guide you in your search.’

In addition, counselors from your Carrefour jeunesse-emploi will help you work on your tools, such as your CV, presentation letter and LinkedIn profile. They will guide you in exploring the job market in a specific sector and will teach you how to highlight your skills by practicing simulated interviews!

Lastly, remember that the Carrefours jeunesse-emploi are designed for everyone from 16 to 34 years of age, no matter what their situation. Services are free and offered in English and in French, with a schedule adapted for young people. Whether you are a graduate or a student, employed or unemployed, your Carrefour will offer you valuable assistance in finding the right job for you.

If you want to find a job that you really like, you must follow a relatively long path. To help you sort out your thoughts, research and experiences make sure you are surrounded by the right people. And most of all, do not become discouraged: with effort and perseverance, you will manage to find a job you love!

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