The Geordie Theatre Fest
is available online!

Geordie Theatre presents its first virtual edition of the Geordie Theatre Fest!

This year, the two shows available for live streaming in the comfort of your own home will feature a special reading series exclusively offered to schools and developed in partnership with the National Theatre School of Canada. The readings are followed by public performances of our acclaimed 2Play touring shows (The Little Mighty Superhero and Celestial Bodies).

This year, the two shows will be available for live streaming in the comfort of your own home

Geordie is eager to share these two phenomenal stories with the public. This year, unlike any other, the two shows are available for live streaming in the comfort of your own home!

Staged Readings

(offered exclusively for schools)
February 3 and 4, 2021

When We Grow UP – Geordie Theatre Fest 2020

When We Grow UP – Geordie Theatre Fest 2020 (From left to right: Camila Fitzgibbon, Mariana Tyler, Gabe Mahrjan)

The Fest will open on Wednesday with The Borrowing Man by actor and playwright Sarah Currie and directed by our Artistic Director Mike Payette. The play tells the story of three teenagers attempting to follow a virtual internet ritual that involves summoning The Borrowing Man, a supernatural figure that is promised to answer questions about their future. As each girl copes with her own uncertain path, they are asked to question their bond as a trio and their place in each other’s lives.

On Thursday, Geordie presents Until Tenth Grade by Jena McLean and directed by our former artistic director Dean Patrick Fleming. This Gen Z epic story follows teens as they grapple with the realities of high school, contending with their identities, activism, and the daunting world of dating.

The Little Mighty Superhero

Geordie Theatre School – The Little Mighty Superhero

The Little Mighty Superhero (left to right: Douglas Peerless, Wahsonti:io Kirby, Alyssa Angelucci-Wall)

February 6, 2021, at 12 pm
Developed in partnership with Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal
Recommended Ages: 5 and up
Written by: Marie Barlizo
Directed by: Liz Valdez

The Little Mighty Superhero is a heartwarming journey of a young boy’s quest in rediscovering imagination and memory in the face of fear and the unknown. At the core of this vibrant and visual play is the reminder that every adventure is more memorable when you can share it with someone you love.

To involve and engage our audience, the play will be followed by a talkback, moderated by Geordie’s Artistic Director Mike Payette, accompanied by the artists.

What’s more, our popular Geordie Theatre School is offering a fun, pre-show storytelling workshop for ages 6 to 12, free with the purchase of a ticket. The play will feature Douglas Peerless, Wahsonti: io Kirby and Alyssa Angelucci-Wall. Get tickets HERE

Celestial Bodies

Geordie Theatre School – Celestial Bodies

Celestial Bodies (Wahsonti:io Kirby)

February 6, 2021, at 3 pm and 5 pm
Developed in partnership with the National Theatre School of Canada
Recommended Ages: 12 and up
Written by Jacob Margaret Archer
Directed by Mike Payette

Stella, a fast-thinking (and even-faster-talking) teenager, copes with her first year of high school in some unexpected ways, including casual binge eating, anxiety-inducing Space Facts, accidentally becoming an ice hockey goalie, and a dog named Oort Cloud. Celestial Bodies is one girl’s cosmic journey to truly owning, literally and metaphorically, the space she occupies.

Specifically, for teens, Geordie Theatre School is offering a character creation workshop before the first performance (free with the purchase of a ticket).

The play will feature Wahsonti:io Kirby at 3 pm, Alyssa Angelucci-Wall at 5 pm. Get tickets HERE

Geordie Theatre School’s Winter Session

Geordie Theatre School's Winter Session

We can’t wait for Geordie Theatre School classes to start again! Join our incredible teachers online for 12 weeks of using our imagination, inventing scenes and telling stories together.

Classes are online, from February to May. Available on Saturdays and Sundays for ages 6 to 12, and on Thursday evenings for teens.r4. Register HERE

Images: Courtesy of Geordie Theatre School

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