Scary Good Cookies
for Halloween

Treats that are sure to please ghosts and goblins

By Kimberlie Robert

pumpkin-chocolate-chip-300_westmountmagPumpkin Chocolate Chip

Pumpkins baked into cookies, spiced with autumn’s cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, trigger memories of family, back-to-school and holiday time. Soft and aromatic, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies pack into lunch boxes and cookie jars. Kids will trade them in the schoolyard. Dogs’ll cry for them too. These Ambassadors of Fall announce the coming of Halloween. Simple to mix, fast in the oven, they’re scary good.

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip

orange-truffle-300_westmountmagOrange Truffle

These no bake sweets are rich and citrusy. One will be enough to get you through the afternoon. Think of them in the same way you might eat a wrapped chocolate truffle. Here, I’m presenting them in glass, but don’t hesitate to tie packages of Orange Truffles with a short ribbon.

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Orange Truffle


peppercorn-shortbread-300_westmountmagPeppercorn Shortbread

Traditional shortbread with four flavours of peppercorn sits deep within the niche of The Finer Cookie. Twisting flavours and textures modernizes the cookie experience. The confectioners’ sugar makes the shortbread crumble and dissolve in your mouth. You’ll encounter the sweetness first then the pepper appears in the distance and builds in intensity, poking you for another bite. Don’t be afraid. They are gorgeous with a glass of cold milk and you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried them before.

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Peppercorn Shortbread

holy-mole-chocolate-300_westmountmagHoly Mole Chocolate Cookie

This fudgy Holy Mole Chocolate Cookie kicks with chipotle in adobo sauce and cinnamon – three of the essential ingredients in authentic Mexican mole sauce. With every bite, the heat builds, until you wash it down with a glass of cold milk. Once you’re soothed you’re ready for the next bite.

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Holy Mole Chocolate Cookie


chocolate-passion-brownies-300_westmountmagChocolate Passion Brownies

These Chocolate Coconut Passion Cookies – creamy, aromatic, divine – tease your taste buds to rapt attention. Their complex texture includes a smoked coconut topping that intensifies the classic brownie taste for an experience that recalls campfires under dark chocolate skies. A subtle, relaxed, and bliss-inducing treat that softens the universe just a little. Go ahead, enjoy another bite, and savour melted, buttery perfection.

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Chocolate Passion Brownies


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Images: Kimberlie Robert


kimberlie robert

Kimberlie Robert is currently the Executive Cookie Maker at The Finer Cookie. As of recently, she has worked as an Executive Assistant for five years. Prior to that she was the Coordinating Director/Partner of an Advertising Agency. She has earned an MA in Art History and a BA in English Literature. She is also a writer and researcher, short story editor, pastry chef, tango dancer and gardener.

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