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Ring in the New Year with the all-time classic Auld Lang Syne in its various forms

December 29, 2021

Robbie Burns probably never dreamed when he set the words of an old Scots song, hitherto only preserved orally, to print in 1788 that it would become the most popular worldwide song to welcome the New Year.

Our entertainment contributor, Byron Toben, has long compared various versions of this classic tune and rates that of the Norwegian songbird, Sissel Kyrklebo, as the best ever, in his opinion, often forwarding it to his private list.

However, hot off the press as of December 30, 2021, watch this charming Peanuts animated version, Snoopy Presents Auld Lang Syne:

For viewers wishing to compare other versions, Byron suggests the following:

Celtic Woman

Highland Saga

Rod Stewart

The Irish Rovers

Viewer comments or other favoured suggestions are welcome.

Feature image: frame from Snoopy Presents Auld Lang Syne
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