Real Estate Talk: Staging to Sell

The better a home shows, the quicker it will sell

By Joseph Marovitch

Updated February 17, 2021

Staging is a marketing tool that enables the seller to show the house in the best possible light. In many cases, especially in higher-end homes, staging is not necessarily required. In many homes, the house has live-in help to maintain the property in excellent condition or simply the owners maintain the home in top form.

However, most homes have a lived-in feeling if they have younger to middle-aged couples with children living in them. Mom and Dad work all day, kids play and the house can get messy. Or, the owners are retirees and do not have the energy to maintain the home in top form. One other factor is that we are not all home stagers as much as we are nesters who come home, throw the coat on the chair and put the feet up at the end of the day.

Some homes with furniture already in them can benefit from simple staging. By simple staging I mean to place the chair and couch at the right angle, move the lamps around a bit, throw a nice blanket over the rocking chair and add a few pictures to brighten up the place. Other times, a home can use much more than moving a couch and placing a picture. If the owner has lived in the home for 60 years and the property looks like 1960 then the home can benefit by bringing in a professional stager to clean the house and bring in rented modern furniture that is strategically placed.

Professional home stagers do nothing but home stage and if they have been in the business successfully for a considerable time, they know what works.

Other times, a large beautiful home with rich woodwork, beautiful mouldings, high ceilings and large rooms can benefit by placing nothing in the house. This can allow potential buyers to see the natural light and spacious surroundings and therefore use their imagination to conceive the perfect home.

The fact is the better a home shows, the quicker it will sell and the higher the value it will receive. It would be great if everyone had a vivid imagination that would enable them to see the possibilities in any house, in any condition, and some do, but the majority do not. Therefore, if the house requires a cosmetic upgrade, do it. If you’re not sure what works, spend a few dollars for a professional stager and upgrade. You may spend a few dollars but the return will be worth the investment.

Professional home stagers do nothing but home stage and if they have been in the business successfully for a considerable time, they know what works. In other words, do not make the mistake of using a family member or friend simply because you think they have a good eye and home sense. Professional home stagers go with neutral colours and arrangements that they know will suit most everyone’s taste. The home staging should be tasteful but neutral and allow the buyer to see and imagine the potential possibilities of the house as it suits them, not the home stager.

A good home stager costs anywhere from $150 an hour to $500 per hour depending on the extent of the project they are undertaking.

When you interview a professional stager ask the following:

  • Cost?
  • How long have you been doing this?
  • Do you only home stage or do other things as well?
  • Can I see a website or portfolio of pictures of other projects you have completed?
  • What is the average time a home has sold in, that you have staged?
    (Keep in mind home staging to sell quicker and higher is only effective if the house is priced and marketed properly.)

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State of the Market

Both death rates and infection rates are down in Quebec, which has triggered the Government to ease restrictions on the public. Stores, libraries, shopping centres, museums and movie theatres are permitted to open. There are also 54 new variants of the COVID strain in Quebec which are more contagious than before. Finally, March break is approaching. This is what can be called a perfect storm for a fourth wave of the pandemic.

We are and will remain in a seller’s market. Prices continue to rise as buyers increase and property on the market decreases. There may be an increase in inventory over the next few weeks as people start to believe the situation is safe due to restrictions being lifted. It would be wonderful if this were the situation, the pandemic slowing down and remaining under control, causing property to enter the market and prices to normalize.

‘There may be an increase in inventory over the next few weeks as people start to believe the situation is safe due to restrictions being lifted.’

However, with many strains of the virus circulating, and warnings from experts asking the public to maintain social distancing, continue wearing a mask and remain in bubbles, it is difficult to determine where the market will end up. Let us hope this pandemic ends soon with everyone’s cooperation.

Have a great week and stay safe!

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