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Jennifer Jetté, candidate for the Bloc Québécois in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce–Westmount

On October 3rd, just after the deadline for declaring their candidacy, all eight candidates from the riding of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce-Westmount were invited by to submit a text describing their platform for free publication, on a first-come, first-served basis. The deadline for submission was Friday, October 18, at noon.

Four of the eight candidates presented their programs. The others, unfortunately, missed the deadline despite two reminders. It was’s intention to present the program of all candidates, as in the 2017 Westmount municipal election and the 2018 Quebec provincial election.

Here is the first article of the series, submitted by Jennifer Jetté of the Bloc Québécois.

An administrative officer for the Quebec government since 2006, Jennifer Jetté was a union representative at various levels of the SFPQ (Syndicat de la Fonction Publique du Québec) shortly after her arrival. She is also active in some local bodies of the Parti Québécois.

Jennifer Jetté holds a college diploma in arts and letters (language specialization), as well as a collegial technique in accounting and management. She also completed two certificates at McGill University: the first in human resources, the other in public relations and communications management.

During her studies, she was involved in several cultural organizations, especially Cégep en Spectacle and the Théâtre de l’Os, a theater company for the Cégep Régional de Lanaudière à Joliette. These experiences, in addition to her musical training acquired during her high school studies, led her to work at the Centre Culturel de Joliette. She also worked with the children of her municipality during the same period.

Trained at McGill University, employed by the Quebec government for several years and formerly a union activist, Jennifer Jetté embodies a feminist revival. The one that focuses on universalism, equality of rights regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or the political convictions of any person. This is an opportunity to give a strong voice to a new generation of women in power to better defend your interests, Quebeckers.

At the Bloc Québécois, we are proud to present a plan to fight climate change that is off the beaten track to achieve tangible results while creating wealth throughout Quebec. We care for our seniors, who deserve to enjoy their retirement without worrying about their financial security. We stand alongside our creators, our culture and our media against the privileges granted to the giants of the Web. We propose effective advances to protect Quebeckers who are worried about the consequences of leaked personal information.

The men and women of the Bloc Québécois work exclusively for the interests of Quebec. Unlike other Canadian parties, they do not have to choose between the interests of Quebec and those of Canada. The Bloc is not accountable to major western oil companies, Bay Street banks or anti-choice lobbies. The Bloc Québécois team is accountable only to Quebeckers.

Every time Quebec has elected a pan-Canadian party (PLC, CCP or NDP), Canada’s interests have won over ours. Pan-Canadian parties are joining forces against Quebec, as it was the case with the repatriation of the Constitution or when contracts worth more than $ 30 billion were awarded to the Halifax and Vancouver shipyards. It was also the case when the federal offered a loan guarantee in Newfoundland to compete directly with Hydro-Québec in foreign markets. This is still the case today with the opposition of all federal parties to the right of Quebec to adopt a law on secularism. All the other parties are opposed to it and will challenge a law that Quebeckers support by a large majority.

Having the Bloc Québécois in force in Ottawa is ensuring a fight for transparency and integrity. The Bloc Québécois is the party that raised the sponsorship scandal in the House of Commons and pushed back the Trudeau government in the application of its Bank Act, that was enforced to the detriment of Quebec consumers. We always have played well this role of parliamentary whistleblower and we will continue to do so.

Jennifer Jetté, candidate bloquiste de Notre-Dame-de-Grâce-Westmount

The Bloc Québécois is determined to make substantial gains for our families, for our seniors, for our economy, for sustainable development and for our regions. This was shown in the past, including the repatriation of labor training, which brought in several billion dollars in Quebec; parental leave, the non-taxation of child benefits and allowing our seniors to increase their income or the defense of the supply management system for our agricultural producers.

With a strong Bloc deputation in Ottawa, Quebec’s voice will also be heard loud and clear on issues of foreign policy, defense and international trade.

The Bloc is an asset for the fight against climate change, with a strong will to stop projects that are against our best interests and working actively to slow global warming.

The Bloc Québécois will use all its political leverage in the House of Commons to the service of Quebeckers. Shall we have the balance of power, we would only support projects that are in the interest of the Quebec nation. Only to make gains for Quebeckers.

Quebec is us! It’s all of us and that’s what makes Quebec different

Secularism is us: it is the legitimate and democratic choice of Quebec that only the Bloc defends in Ottawa.

Clean energy is us: it is the future of an innovative Quebec poorly served in a petroleum Canada that refuses to take climate change seriously.

French language is us: it is our common language that only the Bloc is actively working to strengthen.

The economy is us: our leading sectors, our headquarters and our businesses in our regions deserve to be defended by economic nationalists.

A vote for the BLOC QUÉBÉCOIS is therefore a vote for:

⁃ A green, prosperous and diverse ECONOMY;

⁃ Environmental protection;

⁃ Investments that support SOCIAL SOLIDARITY;

⁃ The support, defense and promotion of our CULTURE;

⁃ A greater representativeness of QUÉBEC internationally.

For more information, we refer you to the Bloc Québécois election platform: Plateforme_Bloc2019.pdf

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