La maison du lac Brome:
An exceptional setting

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a space where life seems lighter and simpler

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March 10, 2022

Designed by Muuk Architecture, the house is located on a beautiful site on the shores of Lac Brome in southern Quebec. Built in place of a former cottage on the tip of Cedar Bay, the new residence features clean, simple lines, emphasizing the surrounding nature and a fluid connection with the natural setting.

The visual openings and play of volumes make the whole structure light and delicate.

The opening onto the lake being the essence and initial inspiration of the project, the architects called upon Adurra products to frame the spectacular openings.

The gently sloping terrain towards the lake, which presented major challenges, thus accommodates a volumetry deployed according to the specific topography and outside the wetlands and riparian protection strips. The ground floor slab is deployed following the slope. In keeping with the majestic view, a few steps separate the entrance from the living areas, as well as the dining room from the living room, thus allowing a perfectly clear view of the horizon from each area of the house.

Clearance over the horizon

The living room, dining room and kitchen are organized on the ground floor, while the intimate areas formed by the bedrooms are upstairs. A see-through office, also on the first floor, has been placed at the centre of the house, offering a view of the lake and the main walkway over the front entrance. In addition, a separately constructed garage studio provides guest accommodation upstairs, while a boat is stored on the ground floor.

“Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the house becomes a space where life seems lighter and simpler while inspiring creativity and new ideas in the professionals who live there,” explains Sylvain Bélanger, architect at Muuk Architecture.

Magnified visual openings

The use of white on the surface and black in the recessed areas creates a light and bright house, enhanced by the natural setting. The visual openings and the play of volumes make the whole light and delicate. The south-facing facade with its windows and the terraces on two levels establishes a direct relationship with the lake and nature, creating a strong link and a fluid connection between the interior and the exterior.

The southern orientation, with its large openings, also makes it possible to take advantage of passive solar radiation to naturally heat the polished concrete floors, which act as a thermal mass and are also equipped with a radiant heating system.

“Products from the Essence collection by Adurra were used in this project. Tilt and turn windows and architectural windows were favoured to create a seamless transition to the exterior. The use of aluminum systems gave superior structural integrity that allowed for custom-made windows and doors, outside the usual standards and without space constraints for a living area in perfect communion with the surrounding nature,” concludes Costa Pantazopoulos of Adurra.

La maison du lac Brome

Architects : Muuk Architecture
Project managers: Marie Isabelle Gauthier, Sylvain Bélanger
Contractor: Construction MUUK
Fenestration products: Adurra Portes & Fenêtres

About Muuk Architecture

Muuk Architecture, founded in 2017 by the partnership of Sylvain Bélanger, Marie Isabelle Gauthier and Alexandre Gauthier, is an innovative and daring company that specializes in creating living spaces and inspirational places. The objective is to create and propose a modernist, luminous and meaningful architecture, improving the way of living, and using innovative technologies, at the heart of environmental conscience. The architects aim to embrace nature and integrate it into their projects.

Images: Nanne Springner

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