Gallery: La Ronde
Seen from a Different Eye

Creative images taken at the famous amusement park

Photography by James St Laurent

Previously published on November 26, 2016

Amusement parks are thrills, explosive speed, corn dogs and cotton candy, but most important is the correct order to mix them! La Ronde dates back to EXPO67 and has gone through several changes and facelifts in its nearly 50 years.

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La Ronde’s season now finishes on Halloween – with the park undergoing a spook-a-fying coat of makeup for the month of October – and patrons challenging the weather, lineups, and eerie characters roaming the park. As the sun sets behind Jacques Cartier Bridge, rides start to light up in a rainbow of colours. Capturing the park with long shutter exposures, the movement and speed became huge expressionistic brush strokes of colour and light.





james st laurent photographer

James St Laurent My work is all about the idea – to communicate through images that convey an emotive context and engage the viewer by presenting a visual paradox. Different types of subjects and genres require different approaches, but the end result is still a compelling image that captures your attention. Despite having had a camera early on, I found myself in a career as a stage set and lighting designer, then accidentally stumbled and fell back into photography. Since then I have shot a variety of genres, ranging from fashion to travel to portraits to concerts, and exhibited in galleries in both group and solo shows. There are photographs everywhere – the problem is to find the interesting images or those that no one else sees. The obvious is easy– the unique takes a little more time.

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