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Alexis Nihon raises $14,983 for the well-being of cancer-stricken children and their families


In a wave of solidarity for Leucan’s Shaved Head Challenge, many people gathered for the event’s kickoff at Alexis Nihon on April 19, 2018. For its fourth edition, Alexis Nihon, which is owned by Cominar, set up a dedicated area at the Metro level to welcome the challenge’s participants, sponsors, media, Leucan volunteers, and shopping centre customers and tenants. At noon, all attendees enjoyed a fun atmosphere accompanied by upbeat music. TV show host Kim Sullivan, Global News’ weather specialist, stoked the audience by presenting about twenty people who were committed to losing their hair to the capable hands of Coiffure Industria hairdressers.

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Each attendee shot a short video at the slomobooth, which playfully captured their hair before being shaved. Many participants added a touch of panache to the video shoots. Eighteen-year-old Marine, a Leucan member and ambassador, spoke to attendees and gave them a compelling perspective about cancer, Hodgkin’s disease, and Leucan’s unwavering help during her illness. People in attendance reiterated their support for finding a cure for pediatric cancer and raising funds for the organization to help both sick children and their families find specialized resources.

It’s all for a good cause!

Leucan - Défi têtes rasées – Shaved Head Challenge – WestmountMag.caAll attendees mentioned that they were thrilled to be supporting a cause that was dear to their hearts. Many have helped a cancer-stricken child, friend or parent battle the disease.

Anna-May, a 28-year-old woman, decided to sign up for the Shaved Head Challenge because her grandmother recently found out she had cancer. Anna-May’s friend, Shana, decided to support her friend, despite being stressed. “That’s what friends are for!” said the 18-year-old woman. Together, Anna-May and Shana have so far raised more than $500 with friends, parents and work colleagues

It was also amazing to see that young men—many who haven’t had a haircut in seven, six and two years—donate their hair and cheques of $880, $150 and $790 respectively. Many attendees participated in donating funds for the Shaved Head Challenges to help the lives of sick children everywhere.

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The fact that many attendees have participated in two or three Shaved Head challenges in the past shows that this fundraising event can be a unique means to help sick children year after year. Valérie and Dominique, a local couple also decided to take up the challenge in front of the watchful eyes of their small children. Even their daughter nodded in agreement when asked by the host if her dad was handsome as he looked at himself in the mirror located at the Zone premier regard sponsored by Desjardins. Guerlaine, manager of the daycare centre at LaSalle College stopped by to encourage Valérie and Dominique with their daughter’s Lions Tigers Dragons group. Just that was an amazing feat!

‘This fundraising event can be a unique means to help sick children year after year.’

A great start to an important campaign

Alexis Nihon’s kickoff for the Shaved Head Challenge, presented by Proxim, helped to raise $14,983 for Leucan’s fundraising campaign, which is the most important one of the year. Event organizers thanked their sponsors: Mia, Subway, Desjardins Montréal-Alexis Nihon, Canadian Tire, Alexis Nihon, Industria Coiffure, Tim Hortons, IGA and Thibault Carron, many of which are Alexis Nihon tenants. Spontaneous donors were also thanked for their generosity as they donated money to the on-site volunteers and in boxes set up on various levels of the shopping centre.

Now that the Shaved Head Challenge has begun, more activities will take over the course of the next few weeks. To find out more about the dates and locations, sign up for an activity or make a donation, visit tetesrasees.com. This year’s goal is to surpass last year’s 85 000 heads that were shaved!

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