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Local students show off their literary stuff
in Westmount schools Writing Competition.

Introduction by Wayne Larsen.

In what has become an annual tradition in Westmount schools, the McEntyre Writing Competition always attracts a wide variety of thoughtful and creative entries, and the 2015 edition was no exception.

Endowed by the late Peter McEntyre, mayor of Westmount from 1969 to 1971, the competition encourages young writers to express themselves on a designated topic, each designed to get the creative juices flowing. It is coordinated each year by the Westmount Public Library.

This year, “Chasing a Dream” was the topic assigned to students in grades 1 through 11.

While local newspapers have printed the names of the winners each year, space restrictions made it impossible to publish all of the winning essays. Now, for the first time, Westmount Magazine presents the full texts of the first-place entries in each grade category, as supplied by the Westmount Public Library.


Grade 7 Ryan Wark of Westmount High School


The Canadian Dream

Some talk about the American Dream,

But this is my version: The Canadian Dream.

Some dream of winning the roll up the rim,

While others would prefer a large poutine.


Some want their team to win the Stanley cup,

And everyone wants to see the sun when they look up.

Some would like to stay home and knit,

I on the other hand want a giant Timbit.


Some want to save the whales,

While others would want chocolate Beaver Tails.

I dream of petting a large white Polar Bear,

Others would just get the heck out of there!


Some would dream of owning a pretty pony,

I would rather drive to school in my very own Zamboni.

Some would want to catch a big fish,

While I would want to eat that dish.


All the above sounds quite fun,

But there is something more important to be done.

The world has become a scary place,

People no longer have a smile on their face.


If we can look past the color of their skin,

Then maybe friendship can begin.

If we all start to show love,

All bad things we can get rid of.


The Canadian dream is to have a happy life,

So let us change the way we think,

And give before we take.


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