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Miami Beach

A photo journal of Miami’s most intriguing neighbourhoods and sites

Text and images by James St Laurent

Come on Baby, drive south with the one you love

Drive South, John Hiatt lyric

As winter tightens its grip, Montrealers begin to prepare for the months of short days and temperatures that dip well below freezing. Some Montrealers hibernate but others pack up their bathing suits and beach towels and head southward making the 2,642 km trek to Miami – a brief 4-hour flight or about 25 hours of driving, depending on how heavy a snowshoe you wear on your accelerator foot! (The crows get a better deal than the Snowbirds only travelling 2,265 km.)

Miami Beach - WestmountMag.ca

The Jewish Holocaust Memorial

Depending on your ‘trajectory’ and GPS software, from Montreal you cross through New York State, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and finally, the Sunshine State, Florida.

Driving in the southern portion of Florida State, you soon realize that speed limits and lines separating the lanes are merely suggestions. The concept of slower traffic keeping to the right lane of the highway seems to be a passing fancy – literally! In some ways it’s a bit like Montreal, but without the hand gestures.

Miami Beach

Arriving in Miami Beach, you’ll notice that the city has weathered decades of change and upheavals but somehow always seems to rebound like a well-tanned Phoenix rising from the sand!

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