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By Ariel Sherker CH, CHI

Have you ever wondered how you make decisions and why you do the things you do? In reality, you have intricate thought processes going on within your mind that effectively govern the choices that you make in your everyday life. It is in your mind that you hold everything from perceptions, memories, habits, emotions, ideas, imagination and everything in between. Yet the mind remains a mystery and it continues to raise many unanswered questions. Where is the mind located? Has a mind ever been dissected or seen under a microscope? How do you control your mind?

Various models of the mind have been created throughout history in order to help us gain a better understanding of the inner workings of thoughts and just how they affect our behaviour. The mind has been divided into parts in order to simplify an explanation for the complexity that it is.

The conscious mind is the part that is analytical and rational and nothing like the much larger subconscious part, which is unable to differentiate between truth and fiction.

The subconscious mind is continually being programmed by all of life’s experiences. It builds upon itself a deep system of beliefs based upon its own collection of thoughts learnt from a lifetime of verbal and non verbal suggestions.

Unfortunately, a great majority of the suggestions that we repeatedly receive are just not true. Whether they are coming from the media that we are constantly inundated by or from people we are in contact with everyday, it is really important we bring awareness to the inner workings of our mind for the purpose of keeping our thoughts real. Seeing as we know that the thoughts we hold are responsible for our behaviours, we also know that untrue thoughts are the precursors to those undesirable habits we could do without. For example, smokers tend to have a thought within them that might go something like this “smoking makes me cool”, a thought which couldn’t be further from the truth. Or how many times have you heard someone comment something like “I am so stupid” or “I don’t remember names”? These are thoughts that are very common, but by believing these words on a subconscious level, we allow ourselves to be stupid and to forget names. The truth is that we all do smart things and we do tend to remember our own names and even those of the people who are important to us.

So how do you then harness the power of your mind in order to live a fulfilling life, free of unwanted habits?

When you change a thought you can inevitably change the behaviour associated with it, a process that requires awareness into your subconscious mind.

Hypnotists have been working with this concept throughout history and have proven to be very successful in creating desired changes in their subjects. The beauty of hypnosis is that it is a state of open receptivity for the subconscious mind. The hypnotized subject has allowed their analytical conscious mind to take a brief holiday so there is a direct line of communication into the subconscious with no question. The success of this hypnotic phenomenon is maximized by having the hypnotist compound and repeat suggestions to the hypnotized subject in order to create change. Hypnosis is simply a process of reprogramming aspects of the mind. The smoker who now thinks that smoking just isn’t cool will find it much simpler to stop the habit.

We all have conscious awareness of changes that would benefit our lives yet we are not always aware of the steps to take towards healing. Whether we want to lose some extra weight, stop smoking, sleep better or simply manage stress more effectively; a positive state of mind is the beginning to change. Hypnosis offers a window into our subconscious mind that gives a clear view on the inner workings of our thoughts. The hypnotic process opens up an opportunity for us to cleanse the untruths that we have potentially carried for a lifetime and replace them with thoughts that are true and thus lead us to the actions we desire. Change the thought and the behaviour will follow.

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ariel sherker

Ariel Sherker is a clinical hypnotherapist and a certified hypnosis instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is the founder of The Montreal Hypnosis Centre and president of the Montreal chapter of The National Guild of Hypnotists. Ariel has her professional practice and offers hypnosis training in Montreal. She can be reached by phone at  514 952-9431, by email at info@arielhypnosis.ca or by visiting her website at arielhypnosis.ca

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