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Neil Drabkin, candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce–Westmount

On October 3rd, just after the deadline for declaring their candidacy, all eight candidates from the riding of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce-Westmount were invited by WestmountMag.ca to submit a text describing their platform for free publication, on a first-come, first-served basis. The deadline for submission was Friday, October 18, at noon.

Four of the eight candidates presented their programs. The others, unfortunately, missed the deadline despite two reminders. It was WestmountMag.ca’s intention to present the program of all candidates, as in the 2017 Westmount municipal election and the 2018 Quebec provincial election.

Here is the third article of the series, submitted by Neil Drabkin of the Conservative Party.

Choose affordability over false Liberal advertising: Drabkin

With less than a week before election-day polls open, Conservative Party candidate Neil Drabkin says the most important choice you can make when marking your ballot is obvious.

“It’s you.”

A lawyer and business consultant who’s served at the highest levels within two Conservative governments, the Notre Dame de Grace – Westmount candidate adds that crafty slogans and grandiose promises don’t matter one bit if the winner doesn’t govern as advertised.

“The last four years have shown Canadians that Liberal deficits, photo-ops and costume changes cannot replace sound fiscal management, and they don’t pay your bills,” Mr. Drabkin told supporters at his Monkland Avenue campaign office today. “Trudeau’s Liberals have failed to deliver on the solemn promises and guarantees they’ve marketed to Canadians since 2015.”

Unlike them, Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives will balance the budget.

“We know Canadians want to better their lives and get ahead, and not be taxed and taxed to fund Justin Trudeau’s globalist ambitions,” he said.

“We will introduce a Universal Tax Cut which will save the average couple $850, and the Age Credit will benefit lower income Canadians the most, giving a senior couple up to $300. Parents will also be able to claim between $500 and $1000 in tax credits for their kids’ arts, learning and sports activities.”

“We’re going to introduce a Green Public Tax Credit that encourages and enables Canadians to help the environment and save money. We’ll also bring in a Green Home Renovation Tax Credit to reward you with up to $3,800 for doing the green home improvements that you can choose for your personal living environment. Supporting innovative ways to cut carbon emissions benefits us all”, he added.

Mr. Drabkin also noted the key role that small-business ownership plays in his western Montreal riding, and his party’s plan to repeal Trudeau’s tax increases targeting them, and to reduce related red tape. “I recently spoke to two small-business owners in my riding who said immigration processing delays are stopping them from hiring the skilled individuals they need, “ he said, adding immigration policy is supposed to enrich Canada, not unduly burden it. “Under the Liberals, Canada has moved too far away from an immigration system that’s fair, compassionate and orderly.”

Mr. Drabkin said it’s important that Canadians remind the current government that there’s a price to be paid for consistently having put its interests ahead of the people that it was elected to serve.

After earning two law degrees from McGill University in Montreal, Mr. Drabkin went on to serve as Chief of Staff to the ministers of Public Safety, Natural Resources, International Trade, and to the Treasury Board president. He was also a senior policy advisor and legal counsel to a former Minister of State for Immigration, and Minister of Multiculturalism and Citizenship. He holds two law degrees from McGill University in Montreal, and frequently appears as a guest on major Canadian media channels.

For info:
Stephen Pickford, Campaign Manager.
Tel: (514) 996-0165

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