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Online advertising is not a one-size-fits-all model and there’s room for scalability

How much you spend to get someone to click on your ad – and become a customer – depends on many factors, including the relevance of the audience your ad reaches, your sector of industry and the design of the ad itself. According to benchmark data, advertisers can expect to spend a median CPC (cost per click) of $0.51 and a CPM (cost per thousand) of $9.06 when advertising on WestmountMag.ca.

Because of the quality of its audience, WestmountMag.ca can be an important source of revenue for your business.

• A quality audience: Whether from Westmount or surrounding municipalities, our audience shares many common characteristics: informed, connected, involved in the community and interested in our editorial content. Our readers have a median household income of $130,000, and more than half have a university degree. Over 66% of our readers are women aged 45 to 65, who consult an average of three or more articles during each visit. Because of the quality of its audience, WestmountMag.ca can be an important source of revenue for your business.

An editorial line that fits our audience: Every week, we publish a dozen new articles and two newsletters. Our editorial line covers local community life, cultural events, architecture and design, the environment, real estate, health and wellness. In addition, WestmountMag.ca offers readers and advertisers profiles of merchants and professional service providers by category, as well as listings of real estate for sale.

‘WestmountMag.ca is unique in the way it builds brand awareness, and in the flexibility it offers advertisers.’

It’s great for local businesses: Your customers are likely to search online before making certain purchases, and a cost-effective way to gain more visibility is to create and promote a profile of your business. Optimized for search engines, more than half of our traffic is generated by keyword searches, which are 5 times more profitable than paid search results, according to Google’s Economic Impact Report. With an open rate of over 40%, five times higher than the industry standard for online publications, WestmountMag.ca is the ideal vehicle to reach the discerning consumers of Westmount and surrounding communities.

Real-time control of your ads: If your ad campaign isn’t performing as expected after just a few days, adjustments can be made immediately to improve its efficiency. Thanks to our flexible advertising calendar, you can also activate and deactivate certain ads and adjust the keywords you position yourself for, giving you real-time control over your media placement.

Multiple advertising choices: You can advertise using animated GIFs, image galleries and videos, or for a more engaging experience, combine all these elements with multiple advertorials. Advertorials are very effective in qualifying your prospects and introducing them to the buying process by providing more information about your brand, products, events, and services. Advertorials are featured alongside editorial content in our bi-weekly newsletters and via selected social media channels.

A balanced social media presence: Different user groups consult different platforms for various needs, and we consider each one according to its specific audiences, to optimize your campaign’s performance. For example, if you want to sell a property or advertise your brokerage services, you can target specialized groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Visuals, on the other hand, display most effectively on Instagram and Pinterest.

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