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Outlaw in Texas

Photos taken by Roy M. Gunnels for an ongoing visual narrative called Texas Gothic

Previously published August 25, 2015

These images are from a larger, ongoing and developing visual narrative by photographer Roy M. Gunnels, called Texas Gothic, which forms a conceptual series of stylized portraits, vignettes and tableaux, composed in a rich noir style that reflectc the state of Texas in Gothic romanticism with an existential yet vibrant clarity.

The first two chapters are Outlaw in Texas, about members of a motorcycle club in north-central Texas, and the companion chapter, Outlaw in Texas: Hammer, a portrait series of a member, the club’s road captain.

You can see more of Roy’s work on his website at, now in three separate galleries: works from around the world; works from the on-going project Texas Gothic, and the gallery that is closest to his heart, Obscure Poésie.

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Roy M Gunnels

Roy M. Gunnels attended Texas Christian University and is a professional member of the National Press Photographers Association US, Frontline Freelance Registry in London, and Blink Media Listing in NYC. He is a fine-art and documentary photographer, and photojournalist. He has lived and worked across the Middle East, East Africa and Western Europe, and has been published internationally.

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