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Blues Stars

A poem by Michael Hawkes

September 14,  2023

Sorrow is best expressed in blue,
The ambiguous hue of a changeable sky,
A blue that turns to black at night
Infinitely deep and dark;
A blackness strewn with points of light,
With stars that leave a lasting mark
By illustrating life as art, inspiring blacks to blues.

From out of the black the blues arrive,
A blue moon sees that they survive
As stars do on the darkest night,
Above the storms that rage on Earth,
Above the dark, transporting light,

Aspiring to the blues.
Oh! The brightness of the blues they sing,
The pain, the reckless joy they bring,
The proper shape of things they show
With cosmic rhythms high and low;
With the power of love and brotherhood,
Despite inhuman dues,
Enduring in their galaxy
They treat the hurt with blues,
Resolve the vast inequity
In the blast and brass of blues

27/9/22 – Hawkes

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Michael Hawkes -

Michael Hawkes is a survivor of all the world’s wars. He learned (and loved to rhyme) by torturing the hymns he had to sing at school. A retired West Coast fisherman living in Montreal since 2013, he is an unschooled Grandpa Moses writing an average of five poems every week.

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