Good reasons to opt for
a PCR test without delay

Although people can also opt for an antigen test, a PCR test is considered the most accurate

November 22, 2022

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, the message from government authorities regardless of each level was clear like glass. If anyone has symptoms, go ahead and get a PCR test without delay. While this holds good even to this day, the kind of test depends on the circumstances.

With a recent surge in Omicron, people are aware of the necessity to get a COVID-19 test done. Most people are looking for next generation RT-PCR tests in Montreal to find out whether or not they are positive. Although a PCR test is considered the most accurate, people can also opt for an antigen test.

What is the difference between rapid antigen and PCR tests?

Rapid antigen tests work wonders for at-home or over-the-counter COVID-19 tests. Moreover, you can get them in almost every pharmacy. A rapid antigen test is a good option when there are several virus particles in the body, or in situations where people are more likely to have passed the virus to one another.

Only PCR tests can help determine if the body has a relatively smaller amount of virus.

On the other hand, PCR tests are administered by professionals, and they come with accurate results because they are more sensitive than antigen tests. Only PCR tests can help determine if the body has a relatively smaller amount of virus. Also, it helps to determine if the body has the contracted virus.

Why you should opt for a PCR test?

PCR tests are the most common tests frequently used worldwide to detect the virus’s genetic material in the human body. After conducting the test, patients know whether they have an active COVID-19 infection in their bodies or not, and can then make adjustments to their lifestyle such as quarantining themselves.

Here are some good reasons why you should get a PCR test after detecting symptoms:

  • If you are looking for faster yet more accurate results, PCR testing is the way to go. In some cases, PCR tests give you results on the same day.
  • When the extent of the virus infection is detected quickly, it helps a patient start the recovery process.
  • PCR testing is minimally invasive because they are conducted by using throat swabs and nasal swabs. They are done through saliva tests or other bodily fluids
  • The best part is that a PCR test gives you fewer false negatives. Deep nasal swabs give you accurate results compared to other kinds of tests such as saliva tests or throat swabs
  • PCR tests can be conducted while respecting social distancing as well. Although some molecular tests are conducted at the clinic or hospital, swabs can be taken from the patient’s home or even from their car

PCR or rapid antigen test: Which one is better?

There is no direct answer to this question because both tests are helpful in specific situations. Also, each of them comes with its own drawbacks. Still, if you are looking for the most accurate and faster results, getting a PCR test should be the right choice for you.

PCR testing is an amazing solution for diagnosing COVID-19 when you are in the developing stages of a virus attack. PCR tests are the gold standard and it’s the preferred choice for many patients and medical professionals.

Image: Anna Shvets – Pexels

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