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The broker’s influence

The larger a broker’s network of potential and qualified buyers the quicker the property will sell

By Joseph Marovitch

January 4, 2024

A recognized and reputable banner such as Remax, Royal Lepage or Sutton always helps sell a property, but at the core, it’s the broker himself who makes all the difference. Expertise in pricing, marketing, real estate law, contracts and negotiation is the foundation of a successful broker. Most important of all, however, is the broker’s influence and the size of his or her network.

All brokers have a network of buyers and resources, and the longer they’ve been in the business, the more extensive their network is. This means that, at the start of a broker’s career, his or her network is generally made up of family members, friends and associates. As they gain experience, the brokers’ network expands through connections, successful transactions and referrals. The larger a broker’s network of potential and qualified buyers is, the faster the property will sell, and the greater the added value.

The larger a broker’s network of potential and qualified buyers is, the faster the property will sell, and the greater the added value.

Young brokers or brokers that arrived in the industry from other fields that entail office work or hourly wages must create a network by starting with family, friends, and associates, constant networking and follow-up to keep in touch with whom they have met. Excellent service is required as well if referrals are to follow.

Then some brokers enter the industry from fields where they already have a network of potential buyers and sellers who trust them. These people come from fields such as teaching, managerial positions, banking, entertainment, summer camps, politics – any field where one person works with or serves the many. The person had and continues to have an audience over a long period.

Some brokers, depending on their age and experience, have a field of influence and network of potential buyers as follows:

  • New young broker:
    Family, friends, associates – 2000 plus or minus
  • Broker with one year’s experience:
    Family, friends, associates (2000), newspaper ads, social media, networking (65,000+) = 67,000 plus (The Montreal Gazette is delivered to over 65,000 households)
  • Broker with five years experience:
    Family, friends, associates (2000), newspaper ads, social media, networking (65,000+), referrals = 100,000 plus
  • Broker with prior business experience working with many and 15 years of real estate experience plus:
    Family, friends, associates (2000), newspaper ads, social media, networking (65,000+), referrals = 100,000 plus

Another consideration is the financial quality of the network. Brokers dealing with low to midrange-priced properties can have a poor to moderate-quality network of clients. Brokers working with high-end priced properties can have a high-end quality network of potential and qualified buyers.

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State Of The Market

Bank of Canada interest rate: 5 %
Canadian prime rate: 7.2%
Canada inflation today: 3.12 %

Welcome to 2024! Not much has changed yet. The most recent news from the Bank of Canada is the Federal bank rate will remain at 5% until the inflation rate comes down to 2%.

The indicators for interest rates and inflation are tied to the war in the Middle East, the Russian war on Ukraine, and the United States Presidential election with two far apart and opposing sides. Depending on who wins as president may well determine the course of politics globally.

Supply and demand are currently lower, however, the next few months should be very telling as to where interest rates will go depending on the movement and shifting of global events.

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  1. Gilles Larin

    About the brand or banner, interestingly, the latest version of the Québec Consumer Protection Bureau «Protégez-vous», mentions that “brokerless” franchises, namely Proprio-Direct and Du Proprio, were largely favoured by consumers! This to me, as a property inspector and expert, is very difficult to understand! Of course, these two vendors can be used either with or without a broker! In my opinion, buying or selling a property without a professional broker is like shooting yourself in the foot! Don’t venture there!

    • Joseph Marovich

      Yes Gilles, I agree. Sellers use Duproprio and Proprio Direct because they believe they will save money. However, if the transaction is more complicated then expected, this is where sellers fall into problems. A trained broker is like a life guard, they prevent issues before they occur. However, if problems do occur, the experienced broker can navigate fairly easily to a resolution that works for all parties. With Duproprio, there is not neccessarily anyone to guide sellers through issues that arise and they can be costly.
      Other advanatages that a broker offers that Duproprio does not, are stategies to sell and negotiate to aquire the best terms and price. A broker can also vet a buyer to find out if they are qualified before expending time, energy and money by the seller for due diligence. This does dot occur when you use self-serve company like Duproprio.
      Would you use Duproprio if you needed a surgeon. The Hospital woud give you a book and scalpel and take 2%.

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