The Hammer comes down:
Be careful what you veto!

Putin veto would open the door to sanctioned chemical warfare against any country, including Russia

By Linda Hammerschmid

That Vlad (as I like to call him) Putin believes it is acceptable to use his Security Council veto to block a U.N. resolution against Syria for using chemical weapons against its own people should be remembered by all for the future.

If it’s okay to do that then it opens the door to sanctioned chemical warfare against any country, including Russia. So be careful Vlad. Me thinks you doth protest not enough!

But does anyone else not notice the striking similarities in ruling styles between Vlad and The Donald? (Aside from their coifs of course.) Both pose outrageous positions yet both are supported notwithstanding. The Donald by all those folks who deem America is no longer great but should be again – no matter who gets shoved under the bus. Vlad by a young demographic who sadly believe Russia is heading in the right direction and don’t see what, to me, is an attitude akin to the one Hitler had pre 1939.

As with unruly offspring who constantly test the limits of their parents’ will, so too is Vlad testing the resolve of Nato and the West.

If you push and no one reacts – and I mean seriously acts not just spout disapproval – keep pushing. As with unruly offspring who constantly test the limits of their parents’ will, so too is Vlad testing the resolve of Nato and the West. Back Syria – no one cares. Take back by force Crimea – no one blinked. Down an airline flight over the Ukraine – still nothing. And what do the aggrieved countries of the West do instead – they allow Vlad to host the “World” Cup. Seems more reward than punishment. Something akin to having the 1936 Olympics held in Berlin – we know who hosted those and we know how history turned out just three years later.

It was Santayana who so aptly wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

So Vlad will keep pushing – until he is stopped by more then meaningless rhetoric. And The Donald will keep skating past one outrageous tweet after another. Neither seem anywhere close to being ousted and both are proverbial ducks – everything rolls right off them.

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Image: Kremlin.ru [CC BY 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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linda hammerschmid

Me Linda Hammerschmid is an attorney and has been practicing Family Law since 1982. She is the Senior Partner at Hammerschmid & Associates at 1 Westmount Square, Suite 1290. She is a founding and current member, and past Secretary (28 years) of The Family Law Association of Quebec. She is a frequent guest on CBC TV/Radio, CTV and CJAD, providing commentary on Family Law. You can also hear her regularly on the CJAD show ‘Passion’ with Dr. Laurie Betito, the last Thursday of each month. She and her dog Mac are members of Therapeutic Paws giving joy to the less fortunate. Me Hammerschmid can be reached at (514) 846-1013 or by e-mail at hammerschmid@vif.com. All inquiries will be treated confidentially.


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  1. Anne Streeter

    The Russians are coming the Russians are coming! We so easily forget the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction hoax or the bizarre story of babies being thrown out of their incubators to die on the cold floor! It is time to give our collective heads a shake and recognize a false flag when we see one! The first two gas attacks were eventually not assigned to Asaad and the latest one has to be seriously questioned for why would Asaad do such a thing when he was winning the war! As for false flags you might check out the White Helmets or Dusty Boy. I think we are looking at another one with the British poisoning – a poison so deadly that the victims were not expected to survive. Interesting also that family members are not allowed to visit the victims etc. etc. and there is talk of witness protection in the U.S.!

    On a final note, the legitimate vote of 97% of Crimeans chose to return to Russia – not a drop of blood was shed. As for the downed plane, there was no final decision and curiously much of the data has not been released.

    I think we have to search beyond the mainstream media for our news. I prefer to listen to the best and the brightest who have left the MSM in order to be independent – people such as Robert Fisk, Cris Hedges, John Pilger, Glen Greenwald etc. The Edward R. Morrows and Walters Cronkites no longer exist.

    • Linda

      Thank you for your comments Anne.
      The movie you refer to is one of my all time favs.
      “Mergency mergency-everybody to get from street!”

      Not sure who will get here first. The Russians, the Chinese, the Indians….?

  2. Georges r. Dupras

    Compelling argument. I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis when the Soviet Union, under Nikita Krushchev, tried to import Soviet built missiles (or their components) into Cuba. President John Kennedy implemented a naval blockade in order to stop all Soviet shipping in to that Country. The argument was that the United States did not want nuclear missiles so close to their sovereign borders.

    Given that that the Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to return to Russia, and that we are now doing to Russia precisely what the Soviets tried to do in Cuba, I question our right to the moral high ground. Admittedly there are problems in that part of the world, as with any other part of the word, including the United States. Problems such as these should, and must, be resolved by the people in those countries. Our role should be one of encouragement and passive expertise. We must also recognize that there are those who have hijacked the true American dream which, includes a free and independent media.

    True journalism, has gone the way of the DODO. Journalist have been replaced by newsreaders and independent outlets are now part of powerful multi-media consortium, governed by only a few well-placed and influential interests. It’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad but two things are certain; no none has a monopoly on the truth, and there are no saints in this political mess.

    Georges R. Dupras

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