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Selling During the Holidays

Are there real estate opportunities during the holidays?

By Joseph Marovitch

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As we approach the holidays, the market slows down. However, there are always those last minute buyers scrambling to buy a house before vacation begins, and notaries and contractors are difficult to find.

Some buyers think they will get a better deal because sellers are tired and their brokerage contracts are ending without a sale. How nice it would be to go into the holidays worry free with the house sold! In many cases buyers are correct.

How nice it would be to go into the holidays worry free with the house sold!

However there is an upside for sellers. The year is over and the house is not sold, so why not give it a break. Go off market, so you don’t have to entertain visits and open houses, and look forward to the New Year when everything begins anew. Markets pick up at the end of January with nice momentum. The New Year is a time of optimism. Buyers on holiday think and talk about future real estate transactions. The talk gets them excited, and come mid January or sooner, they are off and running to find the perfect property or investment.

There are pros and cons to every situation and every market. The weeks ahead will be quiet but if you have no plans and you do have energy and motivation, then put the house on market. You know you’ll have very little competition and anyone looking to buy is certainly motivated. If you do so, my advice is to be decisive, goal-oriented and stand firm. You may hit the jackpot.

If you do so, my advice is to be decisive, goal-oriented and stand firm. You may hit the jackpot.

State of the market (December 2016)

Recently there was an article regarding condos in Montreal asking if there were too many in the downtown core. Recent studies indicate the population in the downtown core is growing. It is growing with families, singles, couples and many seniors. Single homes were predicted to rise in price and they did. There was also a prediction that household debt would increase and it did. Based on those two predictions, developers decided that condos were the way to go and up they went.

New studies now indicate that the downtown population increase has begun to change the downtown landscape. More daycares, restaurants and gyms are being erected. Shopping malls that once sold mostly clothing are now introducing grocery stores and specialty food stores. Downtown is becoming the new suburbia and all sorts of opportunities are popping up. Find what you use and enjoy in the area where you now live. There may be an opportunity for you to introduce what you find downtown, as a new business.

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