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Listing your home over the holiday season? Here are some helpful tips to help you sell

November 18, 2021

While the real estate market is known to be quieter during the winter months, there are still many reasons to list your home for sale or keep it listed, over the holiday season specifically.

Sure, there may be fewer buyers on the market at this time as people are busy with gift buying and get-togethers, but buyers who are in the market for real estate during the holidays are more serious and motivated to buy. If someone takes time out of their busy holiday schedule to look at homes, you know that they’re probably eager to close a sale and move in around the New Year.

… buyers who are in the market for real estate during the holidays are more serious and motivated to buy

Since there are also fewer houses on the market in winter, your home will stand out more than it would in a crowded spring market. And with real estate prices constantly on the rise in the GTA, even a slightly lower winter sale price is likely to net you a profit.

If you are listing your home over the holiday season, here are some helpful tips to help you streamline the process and reach those quality intentional buyers:

1. Hire the Right Agent and Real Estate Lawyer

Retaining a real estate agent in the slower winter months can actually get you more hands-on service. With their own holiday expenses and fewer listings, agents will be enthusiastic and have more time to spend on your home.

That said, choosing the right real estate agent means researching and interviewing agents until you find one you’re comfortable with. When speaking with a potential agent, don’t be afraid to ask about their track record in your area and for references.

When looking for the right Toronto real estate lawyer, be sure to look for someone who

  • Has experience and specializes in real estate
  • Explains the process clearly
  • Is available when you need them
  • Has a wide network of related professionals to connect you with

2. Decorate Your Home Strategically

One of the joys of the holiday season is giving your home a festive look. The right decorations can also show off how cozy and inviting your home can be to prospective buyers.

Some helpful tips for staging your home during the holidays include:

  • Don’t go overboard. The idea is to display holiday spirit without covering or cluttering your living space.
  • Remember the importance of curb appeal. Light the outside of your home in a way that enhances architectural features. Hang a tasteful wreath on the front door. First impressions are key, so you may want to add a seasonal arrangement in the entryway to make buyers feel at home.
  • Make your home a refuge from the cold. Keep your house warm, use holiday scents (think apple cider air fresheners) and put out treats to make buyers feel comfortable. The more time a buyer spends in your home, the longer they have to picture themselves living in it.

3. Be Patient and Manage Expectations

We all want to sell our homes for the highest possible price in the least amount of time, but according to Forbes, how you price your home is more important than when you sell it. Overpriced property is hard to move, even in a seller’s market.

Make sure to discuss pricing strategies and timelines in detail with your agent to make sure you’re on the same page.

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