Some warm and cozy
early February entertainment

Events range from Ancient Greece to Modern Ireland and the annual Wildside Festival

By Byron Toben

February 1, 2023

The month of February, the shortest of the twelve, was best described by Edward Ward, a satirical writer and contemporary of Jonathan Swift, back in the early 18th century, when he advised in poetry to drink wine and wear heavy coats:

He who would, in this Month, be warm within,
And when abroad, from Wet defend his Skin,
His Morning’s draught should be of Sack or Sherry,
And his Great Coat be made of Drab-de-berry.

Sound advice still, despite global warming. Also warm to watch good theatre indoors, here listed in order of opening dates:

Murder of Agamemnon

Murder of Agamemnon – Image: Public Domain

February 1 to 11

Dawson college drama department 3rd-year students mount a new adaptation of the ancient Greek classics comprising The Orestia.

February 8 to 11

Centaur Theatre’s Annual Wildside Festival continues with a timely Ukrainian piece entitled, Planting An Apple Tree.

February 10

Cine Gael Irish Film Series continues with The 34th: The Story of Marriage Equality in Ireland plus When Women Won.

frame from The 34th: The Story of Marriage Equality in Ireland

Frame from the documentary The 34th: The Story of Marriage Equality in Ireland

February 11

The Wildside Festival concludes with a one-nighter of Confabulation on the theme of Me, Myself and I.

February 15

The Cummings Centre brings back Rob Lute in Part Two of his three-part The Story Behind the Song.

Feature image: frame from the documentary When Women Won

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