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Celebrating a birthday at home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on delicious food

With hopes to move more regions in Quebec to orange level, restaurants in Westmount should soon be allowed to reopen. Until then, if you have a birthday coming up, a celebratory take-out dinner at home will have to suffice. Fortunately, Westmount is home to a wealth of high-end restaurants bound to delight foodies of all persuasions

A number of high-end Westmount restaurants are offering take-out delivery, so you can enjoy your own celebration or a loved one’s birthday in style.

Vago Italien
1336 Greene Avenue, Westmount • 514 846-1414

All birthdays deserve a delicious meal to mark the occasion, but especially milestone birthdays. Whether it’s your 30th or your 50th, milestone birthdays are major celebrations that warrant meaningful gifts and experiences. Vago Italien, in particular, is the perfect local spot to order take-out from for foodies or lovers of Italian cuisine. The tasty menu is extensive and frequently updated, and the ingredients are always fresh. Try the 600-day prosciutto and Charentais melon, classic shrimp cocktail, ricotta Swiss chard ravioli, or the best-selling penne arrabiata. The impressive wine selection features vintages and hand-picked labels from countries all over the world; drinks are thoughtfully selected to pair well with individual dishes.

4114 Saint-Catherine Street West, Westmount • 514 933-2533

Balos is a popular local Mediterranean restaurant known and loved for its delicious seafood. Here you can order a wealth of culinary delights, such as grilled Moroccan octopus with onions, capers, and red bell peppers; saganaki shrimp with a tomato and feta sauce; and lobster salad with romaine, fennel, endives, dill, radicchio, and a dressing of extra-virgin olive oil and lemon juice. Dishes like grilled chicken fillets with olive oil and lemon, and grilled filet mignon with pepper sauce are also highlights on the menu.

Park restaurant
378 Victoria Avenue, Westmount • 514 750-7534

Park is a high-end Japanese restaurant owned by chef Antonio Park. Although the menu features traditional Japanese cuisine, it also includes Korean and South American influences, in keeping with Park’s heritage. Beef tataki topped with kimchi is a popular dish here. The fish is always fresh, and prepared in a variety of different ways, including sushi (considered to be the best in the city) and a tasting menu that changes everyday. The delicious cocktails are made with the finest Japanese ingredients, including, yuzu, lychee, and umeshu, while the sake menu is tasty and diverse.

As you can see, celebrating a birthday at home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on delicious food.

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