WMA Transportation
Round Table

Prominent speakers to meet over transportation issues

By Megan Durnford

The Westmount Municipal Association (WMA) will host a Transportation Round Table on Thursday, November 10. This is an extraordinary opportunity for Westmount residents to learn about upcoming transportation infrastructure projects as well as an important occasion to voice concerns regarding local transportation-related issues.


The Honorable
Marc Garneau

The Transportation Round Table will feature a panel of prominent speakers, including The Honorable Marc Garneau, the federal Minister of Transportation and Member of Parliament for Nôtre-Dame-de-Grâce-Westmount, as well as local experts regarding public transportation, active transport and accessibility issues. Dr. Ahmed El Geneidy, Associate Professor at the School of Urban Planning, McGill University, will moderate this special event.


Dr. Ahmed El Geneidy

The WMA chose the unique Round Table format in order to encourage full audience participation. The evening will unfold as follows:

Following a brief social gathering, Professor El Geneidy will invite attendees to sit down at a cluster of round tables. Each attendee will receive a small notepad for jotting down their thoughts and questions. Next Dr El Geneidy will introduce the panelists and their areas of expertise.



Attendees will have an opportunity to ask brief questions between the panel presentations. However the main opportunity for audience participation will take place after the panelists are introduced.

The Honorable Marc Garneau will present an update regarding transportation infrastructure spending.

Catherine Blanchette-Dallaire, founder of OnRoule, will discuss accessibility issues for disabled/limited mobility people in our community.


Marvin Rotrand

Marvin Rotrand, Montreal City Councillor for the Snowdon district and vice-chair of the Société de Transport de Montréal, will present current public transportation concerns and projects.

Peter McQueen, Montreal City Councillor for the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce district, will discuss local repercussions of the Turcot construction project.

Marc-André Gadoury, Montreal City Councillor for the Etienne-Desmarteau district and President of the City of Montreal’s Comité consultatif sur le vélo will present cycling issues.


Marc-André Gadoury

Audience members will be encouraged to write down their thoughts/questions regarding transportation issues during the introduction of the panel speakers. The second portion of the Round Table event will begin when students from McGill’s School of Urban Planning gather these notes from the audience. The students will organize these comments by topic and then they will determine the top ten audience concerns.

Professor El Geneidy will use this list of concerns as a basis to formulate further questions to the panelists and to animate the remainder of the evening. Each panelist will be invited to respond to audience concerns from their unique perspective regarding transportation issues.


Peter McQueen

Finally, Dr. El Geneidy will take all remaining questions from the audience and the panelists will be invited to respond accordingly. The Transportation Round Table will end with a closing statement from the Honorable Marc Garneau.

Please consider attending this historic occasion to discuss transportation issues and concerns in your neighbourhood. The Westmount Municipal Association eagerly awaits your presence at the upcoming Transportation Round Table.

Feature image: Gerry Lauzon via StockPholio.net

WMA Transportation Round Table
Thursday, November 10

Reception at 7 pm – Round Table begins at 7:30 pm
Victoria Hall, 4626 Sherbrooke W, Westmount
Free event – Everyone welcome

For more information about the Westmount Municipal Association (WMA) go to wma-amw.org

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