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By Joseph Marovitch

Updated May 22, 2019

Often, I am asked about short-term rentals in the country. The requests usually come just before the summer or winter holidays. On short-term notice it is difficult to find these properties as they are usually reserved months in advance, and during the high season, which is the holiday seasons, these properties can be quite costly.

However, a little while ago my wife and I found a beautiful and affordable gem on Lac Supérieur in the Laurentians. We departed Montreal late on a Friday for the one-and-a-half-hour drive. As we left the city, all our tension began to ebb away. I was not certain what to expect, especially considering we were arriving in the dark of night. Upon arrival we could see nothing of the landscape as it was pitch black. The light of the building led us to the room we would be staying in. The property was self check-in. All we had to do was find the room, press the code on the door and enter.

What I found to be extraordinary… is that the apartments are all condos individually owned as investment properties.

What we found was not what we expected. The room was actually a suite with a beautiful bedroom and king size bed, bathroom with a waterfall shower, living room with gas fireplace, kitchen and dining table. We even had a terrace. The décor of our suite was organic in nature with shiny pine wood floors and cabinets. The layout of the space was open, airy and breathable. It was late and we were tired and hungry. We broke out the food and wine, ate dinner and retired for the night.

In the morning I awoke first. I walked to the window to see what I could outside. From the window, the scenic view was stunning. Before me was the panoramic site of the pristine glass-like water of Lac Supérieur, and tall mountain crest views. It drained any remaining tension away. I decided to step out on the terrace. As soon as I did, I focused my eyes to see two wild deer in front of our patio, eating grass. The deer stared at me and then continued to feed.

The property was beautiful and consisted of three wood panelled buildings with what I found out later are condos, not simply rental apartments. There was a lake access, a pool, gym and canoes, kayaks and pedallos available and included. There was even a yoga studio with classes offered complimentary.

‘People… purchased the condos with the agreement that the condos would be rented by the rental manager when the owners were not using them.’

On-site are cross-country trails and biking paths. Minutes from our stay are Mont-Tremblant ski resort, Saint-Faustin and Saint-Jovite.

What I found to be extraordinary, upon leaving, as I went to the front office to collect a brochure for my friends and family, is that the apartments are all condos individually owned as investment properties. People from Montreal and around the world purchased the condos with the agreement that the condos would be rented by the rental manager when the owners were not using them. All the condos had to keep the same organic décor and were to be maintained by the rental manager. The owner could reserve their condo for their own use within certain guidelines.

In the agreement between the owner and the rental manager, the owner receives a percentage of the income based on the amount of square footage purchased, can use the condo up to 36 days per year and, for the most part, is worry free of condo maintenance.

The condominiums are beautiful and well priced. The location is excellent, as are the facilities and service. The entire concept is cost effective and an excellent getaway retreat.

For further information Google: Elysium Suites-Sur-Lac. The resort is currently offering a reduction to the listed price of $199 for a one bedroom condo.

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