Another day of family fun
in Westmount Park

Fun and amusements galore at Westmount Family Day

By Patricia Dumais

June 1, 2019

There’s no better way to start off summer in Westmount. Family Day is without a doubt the city’s most popular event and this year was no exception. Although rain was in the forecast, Mother Nature cooperated with warm sunny weather that lasted until late afternoon, bringing hundreds of citizens to Westmount Park to enjoy a multitude of activities for people of all ages. Throughout the day, young families, grandparents and grandkids, neighbours and visitors strolled amongst the many kiosks, displays and food stalls, and took part in various games and amusements.

As the Melville soccer field was closed to protect the newly seeded grass, many activities were moved over to the Junior soccer fields.

There’s no better way to start off summer in Westmount. Family Day is without a doubt the City’s most popular event and this year was no exception.

Makeup artists were on hand at the Gazebo to paint children’s faces (and bodies) in a variety of colourful designs. Judging from the long line-up, this was one of the event’s most popular activities.

Public Security representatives inspected child car seat installation in the Junior East soccer field. Many parents expressed their appreciation of this invaluable service to the community. As well, you could “dunk a PSO” for a good cause!

Westmount Family Day 2019 -

In both the East and West Junior soccer fields, children took part in an assortment of inflatable games, as well as a Eurobungee, sponsored by Hydro Westmount.

There were pony rides and a petting zoo, where you could feed or pet anything from a chicken to a llama! As well, there were traditional and novelty races for all, games such as balloon toss, tug of war and egg toss and carnival booths to test your skills. There was no shortage of activities to keep the kids busy!

The Westmount Park train choo chooed and wound its way along the bike path carrying happy passengers, both young and old.

‘There were pony rides and a petting zoo, where you could feed or pet anything from a chicken to a llama!’

Along the walking paths, one could visit kiosks and displays and get a wealth of information about a wide variety of community organizations, including the Greene Avenue Community Centre, the Westmount Healthy City Project, the Westmount Public Library, NOVA and the Association of Pedestrians and Cyclists of Westmount. Contactivity Seniors’ Centre offered delicious treats and gift ideas at its traditional bake and handicraft sale.

A variety of foods and refreshments were available throughout the day, organized by Café Mouton Noir, Girl Guides and Venturer Scouts. There were the usual favourites, hamburgers and hot dogs, prepared by the Scouts, as well as more sophisticated fare such as delicious lobster rolls, courtesy of Mouton Noir.

In its 44th year, Westmount Family Day was once again a resounding success!

Images: James St Laurent

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Patricia Dumais -

Patricia Dumais, co-editor and artistic director of, is a long-time Westmount resident.

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  1. Anne Streeter

    Westmount Family Day, like similar events in many municipalities, is always a summer day of fun – particularly for young children. However, there is one event that should be reconsidered for a number of reasons and that is the petting zoo. The B.C Centre for Disease Control after an outbreak of E. coli illness in children linked to a petting zoo, raised the alarm of a potentially dangerous situation. They strongly recommended that hands be washed often and well when petting these farm animals.

    Another major concern of course is that very young animals are the main attraction. This means that these little creatures have to endure noise, cramped quarters, heat and travel. As well, their parents have to produce babies on a regular basis. What happens to these animals when they are no longer a valued attraction? Let’s reconsider, as more and more people are rethinking zoos, circuses and aquaria.

  2. Georges Dupras

    Anne Streeter brings up two interesting points. Petting zoos are popular with children (of all ages) but how do they differ from road side zoos and regular zoos?

    I counted the days a petting zoo was at “Le Centre Place Vertu” over the Easter Holidays. I couldn’t help but wonder how the donkey, for example, could benefit from any outdoor free time when it was confined inside for at least a week to 10 days. It appears to me that these petting zoos simply move from one location to another and quietly reinforce the notion that animals are here for our entertainment and consumption.

    It is true that agricultural animals differ from exotic and wild animals as far as many of their natural needs are concerned, but the points Anne Streeter brings forth remain valid.

    Make no mistake, petting zoo aside, I commend the city of Westmount, and its’ organizers, for “Family Day” and wish them continued success.

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