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looks back at 2018

A sampling of our most-read articles of the past year

Here are some of the articles that captured our readers’ attention in 2018. While some reflect current topics of world interest, many are closer to home. These results are also valuable indicators that give us insight into the topics of interest to our readers and help us guide our editorial line.

We would also like to take this opportunity to offer our most sincere thanks to our loyal readers, contributors and advertisers for your continued support and wish you a Happy New Year 2019!

So here are the Top 10 most-read articles in 2018:

Nº 1

Dog Tale: A St. Bernard in Westmount
The fascinating history of one of the world’s most famous dog breeds.
By Michael Walsh 

Dog’s Tale: A St. Bernard in Westmount - WestmountMag.ca

“It’s a majestic dog – it’s a big dog, it’s a dog that should have size… it fills your eye. They make wonderful pets; however, the key thing is size. They are not going to curl up under your coffee table and disappear. They make great draught excluders.”  – Tan Nagrecha – St. Bernard breeder (continue reading)

Nº 2

Real Estate Talk: Certificate of location
Sellers must provide this essential document.
By Joseph Marovitch

Real Estate Talk certificate of location - WestmountMag.ca

You purchase a new home and are not provided a certificate of location. A year goes by and the house next door sells. The new neighbor next door informs you that your garage encroaches on their property and must be removed, or your pool crosses over the property line into their backyard and must be reduced in size… (continue reading)

Nº 3

Byron’s top Fringe picks sight unseen 2018
Some promising St Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival theatre shows.
By Byron Toben 

Byron’s top Fringe picks 2018 - WestmountMag.ca

Byron Toben has covered the Montreal Fringe each year from its origin in 1990. His reviews ran first in print in the Montreal Downtowner, then in his own handout, The Daily Playlet, and finally in the Senior Times. Digitally, he wrote many for The Charlebois Post and for Rover Arts… (continue reading)

Nº 4

The REM: Another Olympic Stadium?
The real cost of the Réseau express métropolitain.
By Patrick Barnard

The REM: Another Olympic Stadium? - WestmountMag.ca

The Réseau express métropolitain (REM) has been described as the most important Montreal transport initiative in 50 years, a “new era of big projects associated with mobility,” in the words of Premier Philippe Couillard when he inaugurated the $6.3 billion dollar scheme on February 8…  (continue reading)

Nº 5

The Westmount Youth Orchestra and Victoria Hall
Misguided city resolution bars the WYO from rehearsal in community hall.
By Roger Jochym 

The Westmount Youth Orchestra and Victoria Hall - WestmountMag.ca
On July 5, the Westmount Youth Orchestra (WYO) was told that they were no longer welcomed to rehearse in Victoria Hall after a 23-year history with our city. It is based on an August 2017 resolution of 50% Westmount participation in all Westmount cultural activities…  (continue reading)

Nº 6

The Chairman has died… Long live Wednesday Night!
David Taylor Traill Nicholson, long time chairman/host of the Wednesday Night salon.
By Wanda Potrykus, OWN

The Chairman has died… Long live Wednesday Night! - WestmountMag.ca

“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend’s or of thine own were: any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind… (continue reading)

Nº 7

James St Laurent’s Miami / 6 – Wynwood Walls
A photo journal of Miami’s most intriguing neighbourhoods and sites.
Text and images by James St Laurent

James St Laurent’s Miami / 6 – Wynwood Walls - Westmountmag.ca

Miami’s famous Wynwood district is a canvas for urban art and one of the city’s most happening areas. Block after block filled with street art, huge wall murals and even entire apartment buildings covered in massive murals, interweaved with craft breweries, funky art galleries, late-night bars, stylish bistros… (continue reading)

Nº 8

The Hammer Comes Down: “We need more guns not less!”
(What surely we will hear from die hard NRA supporters.)
By Linda Hammerschmid

The Hammer Comes Down: “We need more guns not less!” - WestmountMag.ca

Why wouldn’t staunch NRA members not be shouting this statement from the rafters? It is, after all, what we always hear after each and every mass shooting. Newton, Orlando, Vegas – none of these have moved legislators to pull up their collective pants and do the right thing. Yet in America, there is a mass shooting somewhere EVERY DAY!  (continue reading)

Nº 9

BSL and the aggressive dog issue
Why breed-specific legislation will not solve the problem.
By Georges R. Dupras 

BSL and the aggressive dog issue - WestmountMag.ca

Much has been written about breed specific legislation in the aftermath of the tragic death of Christine Vadnais. I am deeply troubled by her loss and extend my sincere regrets to her family. We are told that she died as a result of being mauled by an aggressive dog whose lineage was questionable. (continue reading)

Nº 10

Legault on Quebec’s place in the world
CAQ leader woos CORIM audience with innovative ideas.
By Jean-Luc Burlone 

Legault on Quebec’s place in the world - WestmountMag.ca

At the CORIM luncheon of March 19, François Legault’s conference was applauded with a standing ovation from a large part of the audience. Delivering his speech by heart, the leader of the CAQ has clearly demonstrated his determination to become the next premier of Quebec. (continue reading)

Feature image: Pixabay


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