Westmount vote 2017:
Beryl Wajsman

Westmount mayoral candidates present their platform extended an invitation to all three mayoral candidates to provide an article about themselves and their platform, and all graciously accepted. Here we present the third, by Beryl Wajsman.

The articles are unedited and presented in their original format.

Westmount 2017… During a meeting I had with Premier Couillard – prior to the Citizens Committee to Save Mont-Royal Riding, that I Co-Chair with former MP Marlene Jennings, filed suit against the Quebec Elections Commission – it was mentioned that the Commission had suggested eliminating Westmount-St.Louis riding and fusing it with another riding. A few days after that meeting the Westmount Mayoralty became vacant. I believe that the Mayoralty of Westmount requires a strong and passionate advocate for the protection of constitutional rights both as to minorities and language as well as the equity and equality of our votes. These are constantly under attack and Westmount must stand with the other communities already engaged such as TMR, Outremont, CSL and Hampstead. In fact Westmount must lead. The time for nuance is over. And as much as I will be a strong and passionate advocate to protect our dignity, I will be just as resolute on the challenges we must overcome within Westmount’s borders. I have spent a decade acquiring unique experience covering some 19 city and borough councils. I will bring that experience to bear for the benefit of all Westmounters. We need to encourage robust development, including increased parking, so that we may reduce taxes for all from new revenues and refill our empty storefronts. We need urgent road repairs and traffic light synchronization particularly on our east-west arteries. We need to remember that we are part of the larger community of greater Montreal to which we contribute and from which we receive. We need to bring more common sense to our building permit process and particularly bring the PAC into line with what Westmounters need and want. We need to help the many tenants living in older buildings with regard to their relationship to the city administration and to service providers. We need to make good on the promise of bilingual traffic signs. We need a firm approach to protect our precious architectural heritage but one that is tempered by reason and coupled with an appropriate balance to our sustainable environment. I ask for your help in meeting these challenges, and trust that you believe as I do, that through our common commitment we can enrich our lives and our community.


Twitter: @berylwajsman

Bouton S'inscrire à l'infolettre – WestmountMag.caImage: courtesy of Beryl Wajsman

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