Westmount vote 2017:
Patrick Martin

Westmount mayoral candidates present their platform extended an invitation to all three mayoral candidates to provide an article about themselves and their platform, and all graciously accepted. Here we present the second, by Patrick Martin.

The articles are unedited and presented in their original format.

As of November 5th, at least half the council members will be new, and there are seven new senior managers and department heads. We need a mayor with vision, and with significant Westmount and managerial experience to lead and guide this team.

PATRICK MARTIN is a leader with exceptional qualifications to be that mayor:

  • Master’s degree in engineering and transportation planning.
  • Lifelong Westmounter; his children attended local schools.
  • He’s lived in 6 of Westmount’s 8 districts, in apartment buildings, an upper duplex, and a house.
  • Fluently bilingual.
  • Successful corporate management career at the CEO level.
  • Long experience in team building of experts into cohesive units that he led to undertake complex projects in difficult environments for the United Nations, World Bank, the Government of Canada and many others.
  • He has project experience in roads and traffic, hydro power, environmental impact, water supply, solid waste management and construction.
  • He led the planning and design of the $800 million expansion of Trudeau Airport.

Patrick Martin has served Westmount well during his 12 years on Council. His roles included:

  • Councillor for District 1.
  • Commissioner for Public Works.
  • Successfully advocated the recent doubling of the infrastructure renewal budget.
  • Heavy involvement in the design and construction of the innovative, LEED Gold Westmount Recreation Centre.
  • Former vice chairman of the Montreal Agglomeration contract review committee.

“On Council, I have stood up for what I believe is ethical, fair, and best for the community. I have never been afraid to probe for the truth, to speak my mind, or to vote according to my conscience. I uphold democratic ideals of participation and transparency.”

Patrick Martin’s urgent priorities as mayor include:

  • Prepare at last a long term technical and financial infrastructure plan.
  • Revamp the permit process to end unrealistic demands, unnecessary costs and needless delays.
  • Create a culture of “How can we help you?” at City Hall.
  • Accelerate the renewal of streets, sidewalks and infrastructure.
  • Restore and re-open the conservatory + greenhouses.
  • Build an indoor pool without increasing taxes. We did it for the Rec Centre, and we can do it for the pool.
  • Invest in Hydro Westmount to end power outages.
  • Protect and enhance parks and green spaces; they have deteriorated terribly.
  • Extend library and pool hours.
  • Assure highway and railway noise abatement.
  • No narrowing of Dorchester Street.
  • Any development projects must respect their neighbourhoods: 500 Claremont, 4898 de Maisonneuve, Tupper lots, Hillside, etc.
  • Improve parking, add services and lower taxes for merchants to revitalise our shopping districts.

And Patrick Martin is committed as mayor to:

  • Council transparency: open meetings; and all reports paid for by taxpayers should be made available to taxpayers without having to go through Access to Information procedures. Building permits should not be a secret.
  • There must be respect for individual thinking on Council; no “rubberstamping”.
  • Renters’ and homeowners’ rights, and an ombudsman.
  • Accessibility; not just our buildings, but also the sidewalks.
  • Addressing the needs of our aging population.
  • Attracting young families.
  • Giving residents the facts they deserve – no “spin”.
  • Ensuring dialogue with residents; listening.
  • Making decisions in a timely fashion.
  • And getting it done !

Bouton S'inscrire à l'infolettre – WestmountMag.caImage: courtesy of Patrick Martin

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