Westmount vote 2021:
Michael Mossop – District 8

WestmountMag.ca invites Westmount City Council candidates to present their platform

WestmountMag.ca extended an invitation to all eleven Westmount council candidates and those acclaimed, to provide an article about themselves and their platform on a first supplied, first published basis. Here we present Michael Mossop, candidate for District 8.

The articles are reproduced verbatim without corrections.

Hi, I’m Michael. I’ve lived in lower Westmount nearly all my life. I was even a lifeguard at the pool! Today I live in the very same house I grew up in, with my own wife and kids. And I’m committed to giving back to this community that has given me so much.

Why vote for me? Over the nearly 20 years I’ve spent working in the aerospace, manufacturing and engineering sectors, I’ve learned how to manage multiple stakeholders and find solutions to complex problems.

I’ve also dedicated a lot of time to collaborating with others to improve our community, notably on the Westmount Train Action Group and Le Comité de bon voisinage for the Turcot Project.

It’s this spirit of dedication, collaboration, and problem-solving that—with your support—I’ll bring to council as your representative for District 8.

Please read below to learn more about some of the ideas I believe can improve quality of life in District 8, and please reach out if you have any questions or issues you’d like to discuss. My contact info is on the front. And remember—voting day is November 7th!

Let’s keep District 8 active.

  • Let’s improve our bike network’s connectivity to Westmount facilities and existing bike paths.
  • Let’s update our sport and playground infrastructures.
  • Let’s make Sports and Recreation programs more accessible to working families, including adding a daycare option for summer camp.

Let’s make District 8 safer. 

  • Let’s undertake a study on street parking and safety.
  • Let’s look at adding more traffic calming measures on our streets and lanes.
  • Let’s study and create reserve parking sections for residents on all streets.
  • Let’s understand the impact of the new West REM on the train schedule of our corridor and continue initiatives to reduce sound pollution.

Together, let’s revitalize our community! 

  • Let’s adopt more friendly zoning to encourage terraces and wine bars/pubs to create a vibrant atmosphere on our commercial streets.
  • Let’s prioritize the South-East revitalization.
  • Above all, let’s work together to ensure every voice is heard, that we have accurate facts and information, and that we collaborate to arrive at the right decisions for our community.

I hope that gives you a good idea of the type of representative I would be for District 8. If you have any questions or specific concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Facebook or MichaelMossopDist8@gmail.com

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