WHC/MUHC Lecture Series Invitation

A Westmount Healthy City and MUHC Foundation joint collaboration

By Margaret Jackson

Last September, the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) Foundation approached the City of Westmount with an idea for an outreach project to make people more aware of the work that is being done behind what people usually see when they visit the “super hospital” on Westmount’s border.

The Environment Committee of the Westmount Healthy City Project took up the idea and formed a joint venture with the MUHC Foundation to organize what has turned into a series of three lectures based on medical research, new technology, and patient education.

The first in the series, Healing Beyond Traditional Medicine, will be held at 7 pm on Thursday, March 30, with Susan Doherty as guest speaker. A well-known Westmounter, Susan is a published author, a lifelong volunteer, and a director of several non-profit organizations. She will tell us about her experience receiving a life-saving stem-cell transplant in 2016 at the MUHC to cure a rare disease. Susan tells the story of her recovery with the help of Reiki, prayer, Archangel Raphael, exercise, meditation, and the power of positivity.

The response has been so strong that the event has been moved from Westmount Library to the Lodge Room in Victoria Hall.

The second lecture in the series, at 7 pm on Thursday, April 27, will be given by Penny Chipman, Manager of Oncology Research at the Centre for Innovative Medicine at the MUHC’s Research Institute.

Entitled Innovation, Technology & Medicine, Penny will describe how participating in a clinical trial can offer patients the opportunity to be treated with novel, state-of-the art therapies and how, with the new equipment available to the research community and patients, diagnoses and treatments can be discovered and treated faster.

Penny, a Certified Clinical Research Professional, has more than 25 years of experience in oncology research, starting with a research program in the Oncology Department at McGill University.

The third and final lecture in the series, Patient Education in the 21st Century, will be given at 7 pm on Tuesday, May 30, by Doctors David Fleiszer and Nancy Posel.

The presentation will focus on the current role of patient education and its impact on patient and family engagement and perceptions. “While healthcare today can be more challenging for both clinicians and patients, there are also more opportunities for partnerships and for a shared mandate for health promotion and disease prevention.”

The two are Co-Directors of the Patient Education Office at the MUHC, as well as Co-Directors of the McGill Molson Medical Informatics Project, and both teach in the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University.

The lectures are free of charge and open to everyone.
Registration is required at or 514 843-1543.
The first lecture takes place in the Concert Room of Victoria Hall, 4626 Sherbrooke W.
NOTE: Due to strong response the first event has been moved from the Lodge Room to the Concert Room.
The venues for the other lectures are to be determined.

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