Choosing the best company
for window installation

Consider these crucial aspects when you begin your search for the best window installation company

November 25, 2021

Having new doors or windows installed in your home is a good investment. They offer a new look, greater energy efficiency, less maintenance, and may increase the value of your home. Full door and window replacement is a considerable investment that requires you to do your research in advance for items that will be installed and who will be installing them. When you begin your search online or through family friends, consider these crucial aspects when choosing the best window installation company.


To find a firm you can trust, with a reputation for doing quality work and exceptional client service, begin by doing a Google search to review the company’s website and look for outside referrals. Monaco Windows & Doors is a window installation firm that you can trust, with a reputation for doing quality work and exceptional client service.

Make sure you look at the before and after pictures of completed window installation projects. Schedule an appointment for an in-person consultation and ask questions regarding the company’s history, experience, customer service, and warranty. Having a consultant visit your home will allow you to see samples of brands and products they use.

Furthermore, don’t forget the strength of word of mouth. Ask around for recommendations and encourage the sharing of negative and positive experiences.

Reviews and rating

With the help of online resources, it is easy to get the reviews and ratings of most window installation companies. Ensure you check at least two reviews sourced from Facebook, Google, and Houzz in particular. If you see many positive reviews, you might have found a reputable window installation firm. Be sure the reviews are genuine by checking photos shared by others of their project and reading the particular details regarding their experience. You can always direct message or respond to someone’s comments if you need to explore a bit more into their experience.

However, if you note a common theme with negative reviews, you should avoid such a company. Check for comments regarding after-sales service, installation professionalism, staying on time, and availability for client concerns and inquiries.

Customer service

You can know how well a window installation firm treats its clients right from the initial email, phone call, or store visit. A rule for emailing or calling a client back should be at most 24 hours. Is the sales-consultant pushy or rushing decision? If that is the case, they might only want a fast sale instead of caring about what is suitable for your home. Do they offer choices for your budget and advice for your particular project? Every home is different and has its unique style. You don’t purchase windows every day, so you need service that will enlighten you along the way.

Choosing a reliable window installer is a task that you need to perform keenly. Make sure you have done sufficient research, and more so, look for companies that complete the job in the set time. With these three essential points, you can plan an excellent draft to have a successful window installation. It takes time to find a reputable window installer. Give yourself time to sort through the window installation companies to find one with the qualities discussed.

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