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Zap bugs, scoop, then dispose in trash, without ever using your bare hands!

The ZAPPINATOR is a totally reimagined electric fly swatter. Its innovative design allows you to take care of pests easily and effectively without making a mess, indoors and outdoors.

Keeping your house free of bugs is a top priority for every homeowner. And when you’re traveling, bugs can be even harder to handle — especially when you visit warmer climates where insects thrive. A great vacation to Florida or the Caribbean can be ruined if you don’t have a way to deal with bugs.

Zappinator takes care of pests easily and effectively, indoors and outdoors.

Bug sprays are toxic chemicals that can be bad for yourself, your family, and your pets. There are fly swatters, but those make a mess. There are electric fly swatters, but these aren’t helpful for bugs that crawl or get into corners.

Zappinator –

The ZAPPINATOR isn’t just a great travel accessory. It’s just as helpful in the home, out on your porch, or at the campsite. It’s a gadget that goes everywhere you need it to, keeping you bug-free year-round.

We talked to the inventor of the ZAPPINATOR to learn more about this product.

How did you come up with the device?

I’ve used the electric fly swatter my entire life, and it actually is a brilliant design to bring the old-fashioned fly swatter into the 21st century.

But after cleaning my garage one day, it occurred to me that there was so much more it could do — but no one had taken the time to redesign it. All this was because I spotted a live cockroach in the garage; I tried to use the electric fly swatter to capture and kill the roach but due to the round shaped head, it was impossible to pick up when the roach was walking freely in the middle of the room and when it went into the corner.

‘A totally reimagined electric fly swatter designed to take care of pests easily and effectively’

How did you come up with the device?

That’s when I realized that if only the head was made with right angles and had a flat ramp side to force the cockroach onto the electrified surface, it would be the perfect unit. It was at this moment the ZAPPINATOR was born.

We wanted a design that killed bugs without creating a mess, so it had to be hands free and you didn’t need to use your favorite magazine. Battery operation for ease of use made it also perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

We also wanted something that you could take with you everywhere, from the kitchen to the campsite, so we turned the traditional flying bug zapper into a handheld device and updated it with the proper angles, added LED lights to see in dark places, and give you a way to eliminate any crawling insects or pests — whether they’re walking in the middle of your room, crawling up a wall, or hiding in a corner.

We also wanted it to be perfect for every situation, so besides the LED lights to help in those hard-to-see spaces, we gave it an adjustable handle to work at every angle.

The ZAPPINATOR is just as effective for outdoor spaces, too. A normal fly swatter relies on a surface to kill insects. That makes it hard to use outside, especially on mosquitoes. But the ZAPPINATOR works through the battery-powered, double-sided power grid that puts the power of a bug zapper in your hand!

The ZAPPINATOR’s power grid is heavy-duty enough to kill mosquitoes, cockroaches, spiders, palmetto bugs, silverfish, flies, scorpions, wasps, killer bees, and more.

‘Battery operation for ease of use made it also perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.’

How did you come up with the device?

What’s your competitive advantage with this product?

The ZAPPINATOR is more versatile than any other product out there. It works outdoors and indoors. You don’t have to plug it in, light it with a match, or spray it on your body.

The only other light, hand-held bug solution is the electric fly swatter, but that is only designed for flying insects. That doesn’t always work, especially when you’re faced with a large scorpion, cockroach or even a poisonous spider.

That means the ZAPPINATOR is really the only product of its kind, so we don’t really compete with anyone. In fact, the USPTO awarded us with a Utility Patent because they agreed our design is one that is original and solves the issue of eliminating crawling and flying insects and pests without any mess.

‘It works outdoors and indoors. You don’t have to plug it in, light it with a match, or spray it on your body.’

What would you say are the best features of the product?

By far the ZAPPINATOR’s best feature is its ease of use. This is a product that allows you to trap and zap effortlessly and works flawlessly every single time. It’s also cleaner and more convenient than other products. You don’t need to constantly reapply toxic chemical sprays, and you don’t have to lug around a giant bug zapper with you. This is a portable, non-toxic solution.

But maybe the best feature is the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that your home is protected from any pests that may somehow enter. When you hear the ZAP, you’ll know you got your bug. Some sprays or swatters don’t always work the first time. The ZAPPINATOR lets you know with a robust, powerful noise.

Who do you think would most benefit from the device?

Lucky for us, our system works for anybody who hates bugs! Anyone who enjoys the outdoors will fall in love with the ZAPPINATOR. Because it’s portable, it goes wherever it’s needed. But hikers and campers will find it comes in handy at home, too.

Zappinator –

Have you had any funny stories or testimonials regarding the device?

We hear lots of customers telling us how satisfying the ZAP sound is. When a mosquito has been bugging you all evening, there’s nothing like hearing the ZAPPINATOR at work.

Top of the line effectiveness especially for crawling insects

The forward-thinking design solves the many problems other portable solutions have, and its effectiveness is top of the line especially for crawling insects. It’s also a green product that doesn’t emit any aerosol into the atmosphere or any poisonous chemicals that can hurt any young child or even home pets.

Don’t let bugs get in the way of relaxing at home or on vacation. The ZAPPINATOR is a unique, mess-free insect solution that you can take with you wherever it’s needed, and the best way to get rid of the problem and get back to enjoying yourself.

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