Alexis’ Terrace – Discovery Series

To get everyone ready for spring, Alexis Nihon is launching a brand-new event, Alexis’ Terrace – Discovery Series.

La Terrasse d'Alexis – westmountMag.ca


For five days, you can take part in free workshops held by experts in a variety of different fields. The indoor terrace, which has been set up in front of Canadian Tire on the Metro level, will be open during lunch time. Come to learn new things, have fun and be inspired.

Here’s the program schedule:

David Vincent – La Terrasse d'Alexis – westmountMag.caApril 3, 12 pm to 1 pm: Spring/Summer 2018 Make-up Trends with David Vincent, Lise Watier make-up artist

David is an internationally renowned Lise Watier make-up artist who has a long-standing career in the arts as a painter, interior designers, stylist, hair dresser and make-up artist. He’ll encourage you to try new things or see how you can switch up your standard make-up habits. Great beauty lessons to be had!

Participants can enter a contest to win a gift basket of LISE WATIER products. The value of the prize is to be determined. They will also receive gifts, free samples and special deals when they purchase LISE WATIER products.

Mélanie Grégoire – La Terrasse d'Alexis – westmountMag.caApril 4, 12 pm to 1 pm: Urban Gardening with Mélanie Grégoire, horticulturist on Casa and Salut Bonjour

Born in a family of horticulturists, one could say that Mélanie Grégoire was born with plants. Whether on television or the radio, she is dedicated to showing how easy and fun gardening is. She shares her passion for plants with humour and the utmost simplicity. She will offer tips and tricks to create a bountiful urban garden.


Isabelle Gauvin – La Terrasse d'Alexis – westmountMag.caApril 5, 12 pm to 1 pm: How to Shop Like a Stylist, with Isabelle Gauvin, stylist

Tap into your inner fashionista with this business woman and stylist who is inspired by image creation and coaching. As a conference speaker and TV fashion columnist, Isabelle has created stunning looks for many professionals, artists and actors in Québec. An expert in communication, this stylist has a real talent for understanding people and their unique personalities.


Sébastien Coulombe – La Terrasse d'Alexis – westmountMag.caApril 6, 12 pm to 1 pm: Adventures in Virtual Reality, with Sébastien Coulombe, Co-Founder and President of MontVR

MontVR is a virtual reality content production company and develops 360-degree virtual reality experiences. MontVR has been the lead entertainment partners for renowned events, such as the MUTEK and Fantasia festivals. Sébastien will help you to discover virtual reality, the benefits of this technology in the entertainment world, and how it will positively impact people’s lives—now and in the future. Come and experience the adventure!

Mélanie Grégoire – La Terrasse d'Alexis – westmountMag.caApril 7, 1 pm to 2 pm: Creating Terrariums, with Mélanie Grégoire, horticulturist on Casa and Salut Bonjour

Mélanie Grégoire is back to captivate audiences with tips on how to build a terrarium. Take part in her workshop and let her guide you through each step towards creating a beautiful terrarium. You’ll leave brimming with ideas!

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